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Insults, injuries, and indignities inherent in the human form

I find myself posting what a dear friend of mine once referred to as a "my-finger-hurts" post. She was of the opinion that such fare was supremely uninteresting but there you go. We just have to write about the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that ail or vex us occasionally.

I have found that for the past day or so, the interior geometry of my right nostril has somehow configured itself such that when I inhale through my nose it a steam whistle or a calliope. Fortunately, it isn't loud enough to be heard beyond my immediate proximity but I dread thinking that had I a bed partner currently, she would likely be tempted to change rooms or possibly dump me altogether on account of the absurdity of it all. Honestly, it's very undignified. I'm tempted to punch myself in the nose to cause my nasal geometry to assume a less melodious configuration. Fortunately, the condition doesn't persist very long when it strikes. I'm hoping that a good night's sleep will remedy the deformity.
Tags: lamentations and tribulations

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