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Govco: I believe in miracles, since you came along... (I don't think so)

It's bright and sunny and reasonably temperate out this morning. March is doing its thing and going out like a lamb, apparently. I have no complaints on that score. California "winters" are mild, but I'm still tired of the season, such as it is here. I'm certainly ready for spring, and fortunately, the weather is cooperating.

The ex and I had a nice two hour discussion about various things last night. Mostly it concerned our daughters but the conversation strayed over various and sundry things as it has ever done between the two of us. We get along much better, in some ways, now that we're not married to each other. I think I'm fortunate in that respect.

I have never had many nightmares but the earliest one I can remember was one I had when I was of preschool age. It is of my mother and I in the car being chased by...flying shrimp. These weren't live giant, nasty, man-eating, crustacean monster shrimp. No, they were normal, small, dead, batter-fried shrimp...that could fly out of their basket and attack you. How incredibly silly. They flew up the tailpipe of the car as we were trying to drive away and the engine died. Naturally, I don't remember too much of the dream. What could an appetizer possibly do to you? I was even too young to even young to have known how they insidiously tempt you to eat them and then get into your body where, years later, they cause you to die of atherosclerosis. That was on my mind this morning.

Last night, on the way home, I saw a dark gray Mazda CX-9 with a license plate that read: "N2 CGARS." This morning, on the way to the shower, I wondered if the owner meant in the Bill Clinton sense of being "into cigars." Every once in awhile I see vans with government plates that have a G62 prefix to them. I got curious this morning and did some looking into the codes. I found an answer on a page made by someone called "Cloth Monkey." G62 designates a General Services Administration 3/4 ton 4x4 cargo truck.

This morning, while indisposed in the restroom, I heard someone over in the urinal area relieving himself in spurts, like firing a SuperSoaker squirt gun into the bottom of the urinal: spurt... pause... spurt... pause... etc. He got in a dozen or so shots before deciding he was finished. The way I figure it, either it was involuntary, and I'd say someone should be getting his prostate checked out, or else it was at-will which makes me wonder why someone would be practicing mench-kegels in the can.

Meanwhile, on the end-of-the-world front, things are getting ridiculous. The U.S. congress and their instigators, the Three Stooges, Obama, Geithner, and Bernanke, (with apologies to Larry, Curly, Moe, et. al.) are amusing if nothing else. Now they are taking over pieces of the auto industry, all the while swearing up and down that they don't want to run private car companies. They're either morons, or else they think the people who voted for Obama are. I'm not sure which is more amusing and distressing. If the more accurate interpretation of events is that they are just fools full of hubris then one has to ask how these people can believe that the business of deciding that these companies, both the financial bank giants of Wall Street and the American automobile behemoths of Detroit, are somehow too big and/or important to fail is NOT "running automobile companies" (or the banks, for that matter). What is this if not industrial/commercial policy? It's idiocy on stilts, at the minimum.

My friend Rob T. was talking about the "bail outs" of the car companies. He correctly pointed out that people would not buy cars from the big three if they had doubts about these companies remaining in business and being able to honor warranties, service contracts and being able to supply maintenance and repair parts. He's wondering if the bureaucrats really believe that their bailout ideas are going to work or if they're just pandering. I think he's missing the point. The politicians don't really care whether the big three fail or not. They don't really care if the companies sell cars and produce a profit or not. If they do succeed and produce viable cars and a healthy profit that's all gravy to the politicians and you can be sure that they will tax the profits so that they won't be invested somewhere profitable, but that's not the main objective for the politicians. By keeping The Big Three in business, the government is merely making a payoff to the union employees. The company doesn't have to succeed. Every six months, the executives in charge will be hauled before Congress for a dressing down and public humiliation because the dinosaurs aren't really salvageable no matter how much CPR is performed on them. Congress will then extend more "bailout money" to the companies ostensibly to help them "get turned around". What this will constitute though, is merely allowing the executives, and more importantly, the union people, to keep their overpriced jobs. It doesn't matter if the companies succeed or fail as long as the politicians can use their continued existence to make payoffs to the unions by allowing the employees to keep punching time clocks and collecting a paycheck. Think of it like money laundering. The Congress and the administration want to bribe their mostly Democrat union base and "bailing out" the car companies is an effective front for doing just that. They'll keep it up just as long as they possibly can, just as they did for Amtrak. It's a scam.
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