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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

Today's Observation on Digital Logic Hardware Engineers

Trying to trace out flip-flops, latches, demultiplexers, memory and I/O chip addressing in complex data acquisition and control systems without sufficient design documentation causes headaches for embedded software engineers. Schematics without documentation are like uncommented assembler. It's days like this that I realize why they pay me. Ah well, it keeps my brains exercised and flexible.

That's it. I'm out of here for today. I've burned enough brain cells. Got to let it all process.

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Should we talk about the government?

If I talk about the state of the economy and the nasty impending collapse of the Republic it just tends to depress people, or if I talk about the economy most people are not econonmically informed enough to make sense of the discussion. You got to take what you get on your friends page, once you subscribe, Kimosabe, that's just how it goes. Heh.

Re: Should we talk about the government?

I'm not complaining. How about we talk about R.E.M.? Just yesterday, I watched two 2008 performances of R.E.M. and one performance of the Cure. It's amazing how well, R.E.M. holds up today, especially in comparison to the Cure. Both played mostly new music and R.E.M.'s music still rocks whereas I have no idea what happened to the Cure post Disintegration.
Also, Stipe is still quite the performer.

My uncle would relate to this -- he's a recently-unemployed embedded software guy. I only sort of get what you're talking about. If you happen to have any industry leads I could share with my uncle, give me a shout at Facebook, or more directly at mbrown at oppenheimer funds dot com.

They pay bounties at my company to people who bring in qualified people. The problem is that there is a hiring freeze on right now, despite the fact that we really do need more engineers.

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