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In a sky full of people there's only some want to fly, isn't that crazy?

Well, I had to be late for work. Fortunately, the place where I work is awfully flexible about time. I'll just be here late tonight, which is okay because rush hour lasts forever in the Bay Area, especially on Fridays.

I am feeling really fantastic this morning. It is beautiful out today. There's hardly a cloud in the sky. I was driving into work, coming down highway 24 out of the Caldecott Tunnel and singing along with the car stereo and looking at the sun shining on the Bay and that glorious San Francisco skyline (one of the most spectacular scenic views in the world, IMHO) and I thought to myself that it is days like today that remind me how wonderfully glad I am that I got the opportunity to come to California when I did and that I was smart enough to jump at the chance. It's late November and it is a reasonably comfortable and brilliantly sunny 56° Fahrenheit outside and I am going to walk over to the coffee shop for some coffee and conversation with some interesting acquaintances and friends. Of course, life does get much better, but I'm feeling pretty good about what I've got today, thank you very much! Heh!


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