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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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King of Cups Captain Querent

Get up a voice inside says there's no time for looking down

Well, I wrote that lady on OkStupid a second message. I'm not entirely sure now why I did. Her profile, while intelligently written, is a tad sparse on hooks for striking up an interesting conversation. She is attractive, although I'm not quite sure that it is really all that appropriate to be making that all that much of an issue in introducing oneself. The fact still remains that, for whatever reason, she didn't see fit to reply to the first note I sent, although the site says she dropped in to give my profile a look-see shortly after I sent the first one. I don't know. The circumstantial evidence says she just wasn't all that impressed. Maybe the philosophy of quantity has something to be said for it. Put out a few more introductions — someone's likely to be interested. My problem is that I'm not all that easily moved by people, myself. The first note was kind of an impulse thing because she turned up in the site's suggested matches and I got a twinge of curiosity. The second note was more deliberate and therefore more effort. Perhaps it is not all that wise to be implying more interest than is actually there to be dropping her a second line. I don't know. At least the second note is written and dispatched so I can stop over thinking it and just wait and see if this one gets a reply. I feel like lamenting the fact that all of the really interesting people I encounter, and there have been some notable ones, all are or seem to be, quite taken or otherwise out of reach. How cliché can one get? Such a common lament, but unfortunately not groundless, in my personal experience. Ah well...we'll see.

I need a pep talk. I am tempted to encourage myself: "Come on, meeting people can be fun, and it certainly is something different and engaging upon which to spend your time." It just doesn't really work that way with me. I have to be intrigued by the person first. Meeting new people and dating can be interesting and fun, but it's an abstraction until one runs into someone who inspires interest in the topic. There are so many fun, witty, creative, intelligent, and fascinating women in the world. I've certainly encountered a few, met a few, known a few, hell, slept with a few... I know a few. In theory, it would certainly be nice to meet some more of them. So, why the inertia? Heh heh, life is not fair, no? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Ya, mule! Giddy-up! Move it! Hermitic bachelorhood cannot be that satisfying.

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1. you dont win if you dont play
2. it's a numbers game, the more you meet, the more chances you'll have
3. you can do it!

There's nothing so beautiful as a truth-speaker

Heh. Thanks for the pep-talk, Paula. You are of course, correct.


this blog will increase your skill, don't let anyone tell you differently.


incorporate these bits of wisdom into your life and you will be more successful with women, doubtless.

if you take only one thing from those links, take this:

Be irrationally self-confident

No matter what your station in life, stride through the world without apology or excuse. It does not matter if objectively you are not the best man a woman can get; what matters is that you think and act like you are. Women have a dog’s instinct for uncovering weakness in men; don’t make it easy for them. Self-confidence, warranted or not, triggers submissive emotional responses in women. Irrational self-confidence will get you more pussy than rational defeatism.

Certainly a lot of people find confidence a stumbling block. I don't, most of the time.

Interesting and amusing. I appreciate the advice but the question is not one of confidence but one of evaluating what it is that I really want and how much work I am willing to put into getting it. Everything carries an opportunity cost. Some men want to lead packs and some have very little use for a pack at all. Confidence takes many forms. Self-esteem is primary and confidence arises from that.

Also, it is not a question of wondering if I am "the best" man any particular woman can get. I am not a big believer in "bests" of this kind. The true test of value is what is "right" for a particular individual and that is unique to each person. There is no "best" man for every woman nor a "best" woman for every man. The idea that there is strikes me as comic book philosophy.

One should apologize when one is clearly wrong or has failed to live up to ones own values. To do anything less is just dishonest and it is weakness to rely upon falsehood to prop up our deficiencies. The trick to apologizing is to stop well before you apologize where no real fault has been committed or reach the point of apologizing for what you are, or the fact of your own existence.

As for the specifics and substance of what is written at those links, there is no doubt that, as classes, women have a different perspective on life than men do. There is arguably plenty to argue about there. The thing that gets lost in such thinking though is that women and men are individual human beings first and women or men second. What we each want and how we view things are certainly influenced, if not to a certain extent, dictated by our sex but the specific details of that influence and its extents are unique to each person.

Re: Certainly a lot of people find confidence a stumbling block. I don't, most of the time.

when it comes to getting laid, and even the more noble "being in a relationship"... logic is less useful than it is in considering competitive governments and economics.

I enjoy your posts and agree with you on most of the things I've seen you write about... but when it comes to women, my opinion is, you need to think less; and do things you may consider illogical or immoral. they will not only get you laid, but they will get women to genuinely like you more.

roissy, in particular, has an especially keen sense of what women want.

Re: Certainly a lot of people find confidence a stumbling block. I don't, most of the time.

intelligent men are programmed from a very young age to believe that the jock is evil, and although he may be the object of the young girls affection now... she'll turn to the sensitive, intelligent man eventually when she matures and learns the truth of the universe. good triumphs over evil. this is false.

fatty/high sugar foods are delicious because our brains are programmed by evolution to think fatty/high sugar foods are delicious. we can avoid them because we know they're bad for us, but the desire is still there. our logic center can override the reptile brain in the middle craving junkfood, just like the logic center of the female mind (however small and underpowered compared to the male's) can override the reptile part that screams "go get effed by the ignorant bastard that doesn't play by the rules"... but it's still there, always.

evolution has shaped the human mind, male and female; the female brain, like the males, has its own particular framework thats always there, on which everything else is built. you, as an intelligent man, have the ability to learn how the female framework is designed, how it works, and game that system. hack it, so to speak.

Re: Certainly a lot of people find confidence a stumbling block. I don't, most of the time.

ability? nay... OBLIGATION.

Re: Certainly a lot of people find confidence a stumbling block. I don't, most of the time.

You're bound and determined to draw me into a debate on this topic, aren't you. Let me do just a little demolition work on your philosophy's foundational premise. Your boy, Roissy, is correct in pointing out that man is a predator species. We are the apex predator on planet Earth, without question. Roissy also overgeneralizes, makes false analogies, and attempts to make his induction support way too much in the way of conclusions. The thing is, human beings are NOT wolves. It really is that simple. That good old "recent" higher brain makes a lot more difference than many people want to admit. We may share a bunch of pack-animal characteristics with other mamals but human beings are not wolves, and more importantly, women are not dogs, no matter how big a submissive streak any particular woman may have or how much they may fancy so-called "alpha-male behavior" in the men they fantasize about or even date, or however much humans may share some traits with wolves and predatory pack animals in superficial ways.

Re: Certainly a lot of people find confidence a stumbling block. I don't, most of the time.

I'm glad to hear that you find my posts on other topics interesting. Eh, I'm not going to argue you on women. This is not economics. People relations are much too complex to fit into neat debates easily, and besides relationships are entirely personal. Everybody's got different ideas about what works for them. I'm a Darwinist when it comes to human relations: survival of the fit (not fittest) whatever works survives. I'm not really all that in doubt about my methods; it's motivation and goals which concern me most.

I'm not out to "get more pussy." I may not be sure of what I'm after or how much I want to "get involved with someone right now" but one thing I do know: I'm not just after getting laid or grabbing some pussy or having a bevy of lust-smitten twenty-somethings worshipping my studliness.

Roissy may indeed have a keen sense of what women want — what some women undoubtably want. He's got a few insights into human nature, and female psychology, as far as that can be generalized. Certainly, confidence is a virtue that it wouldn't hurt anyone to possess in greater abundance. Nevertheless I'm pretty sure when we speak of "women" that term does not fit all of them, for starters, and second, Roissy tends to generalize just a little too much. Even people who are completely in agreement with his philosophy will find that, even within the dynamic he espouses, there is an incredible amount of variation. Not everyone is the same.

Roissy is a complete and utter idiot. Or, I rather suspect, a parody site, much like Landover Baptist is to fundamentalist Christianity.

Poe's Law for the philosophies of proper sexual relations?

Oh, I'm familiar with the Roissy Society, and with Polly Peachum, and with John Frederick Lange and the people who treat his novels as a blueprint for Utopia, and lots of other kink, TPE, and "natural role" philosophies... I'm far from innocent and while vanilla can be delicious it is not necessarily my favorite flavor. Nevertheless, there are grains of truth everywhere and there is wild-assed craziness as well. We are all creatures of mixed premises, and some of our bad ones are truly off the wall. I'm careful as to what I take as gospel.

It's a numbers game. Send out a ton of nice, targeted emails. Keep them relatively short, and try to write something that proves you read the woman's profile. Don't limit yourself only to those you'd like to have an intimate or love relationship with. Make your goal to simply meet interesting people, and remember that they probably have an entire social network of their own, which you can plug into once you start hanging out with them.

The best thing you can learn from the Pick Up Artist community is probably to be unattached to the outcome. Don't have a single goal in mind, like falling in love or getting laid. Just go for the adventure, to have fun, and to meet interesting people.

Of course, it helps if you ARE an interesting person, so keep well-read, and go do things! Don't just sit at home all the time, with nothing interesting to discuss when you do meet someone.

Let us know how it goes! I met my love on OKCupid. :-)

Except the OkCupid part.
And I'm sure you're well-read enough to be interesting :).

She said, Love? Lord above! Now you're trying to trick me in love...

There is something to be said for numbers when it comes to the opportunities they make available.

Don't limit yourself only to those you'd like to have an intimate or love relationship with.

Oh Great Hod, how would I know that if I haven't even met them yet? The same goes for outcome investment. Heck, I am not even certain about what outcome I'm after at this point. That's not a problem. Falling in love, getting laid, those things are entirely dependent upon where things go and with whom I am ultimately dealing.

As for interesting, well, I'm The Most Interesting Man in the World™. That guy on the Dos Equis Beer commercials is just a poseur! :D

This...and, um, along with the OKCupid part, too. Almost. :D

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