Robert (Bro. Pepper-spray of Reasoned Discussion) (montecristo) wrote,
Robert (Bro. Pepper-spray of Reasoned Discussion)

Get up a voice inside says there's no time for looking down

Well, I wrote that lady on OkStupid a second message. I'm not entirely sure now why I did. Her profile, while intelligently written, is a tad sparse on hooks for striking up an interesting conversation. She is attractive, although I'm not quite sure that it is really all that appropriate to be making that all that much of an issue in introducing oneself. The fact still remains that, for whatever reason, she didn't see fit to reply to the first note I sent, although the site says she dropped in to give my profile a look-see shortly after I sent the first one. I don't know. The circumstantial evidence says she just wasn't all that impressed. Maybe the philosophy of quantity has something to be said for it. Put out a few more introductions — someone's likely to be interested. My problem is that I'm not all that easily moved by people, myself. The first note was kind of an impulse thing because she turned up in the site's suggested matches and I got a twinge of curiosity. The second note was more deliberate and therefore more effort. Perhaps it is not all that wise to be implying more interest than is actually there to be dropping her a second line. I don't know. At least the second note is written and dispatched so I can stop over thinking it and just wait and see if this one gets a reply. I feel like lamenting the fact that all of the really interesting people I encounter, and there have been some notable ones, all are or seem to be, quite taken or otherwise out of reach. How cliché can one get? Such a common lament, but unfortunately not groundless, in my personal experience. Ah well...we'll see.

I need a pep talk. I am tempted to encourage myself: "Come on, meeting people can be fun, and it certainly is something different and engaging upon which to spend your time." It just doesn't really work that way with me. I have to be intrigued by the person first. Meeting new people and dating can be interesting and fun, but it's an abstraction until one runs into someone who inspires interest in the topic. There are so many fun, witty, creative, intelligent, and fascinating women in the world. I've certainly encountered a few, met a few, known a few, hell, slept with a few... I know a few. In theory, it would certainly be nice to meet some more of them. So, why the inertia? Heh heh, life is not fair, no? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Ya, mule! Giddy-up! Move it! Hermitic bachelorhood cannot be that satisfying.
Tags: day in the life, women

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