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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Sindbad Captain Exuberant

Did anyone get the number of that auburn-haired succubus who zapped me out of a sound sleep?

What a wicked thing to do, to make me dream of you

Tuesday night I had a spot of insomnia. I was awake until around 4:00 AM Wednesday morning. Last night I was pretty tired and I was messing around on my laptop and took off my glasses for a minute and conked out around eleven o'clock or so. I had a dream, or series of interconnected dreams, I'm not sure which it was. The details are pretty sketchy but it was composed of various scenes where I was going about the mundane business of a day. It wasn't my typical day or even my typical surroundings, but the kind of day I might have had if I were a character in some movie. I was in various establishments, taking care of various appointments and business, eating meals at restaraunts, etc. None of it was anything I recognize from my waking life.

There was one element that connected all these vignettes together, a very attractive woman with just-shy-of-shoulder-length light auburn-hair and hazel eyes whom I kept repeatedly encountering as the dream day progresses. She is nobody I recognize from waking life either, but in the dream I know her well, we are friends. I bump into her at a bus stop, later I have lunch with her in a restaraunt. The conversations keep getting friendlier and friendlier and flirtier and flirtier. Finally, I end up meeting her again in a mall, of all places. The conversation starts up with her telling me about the outfit she's just bought (and is presently wearing). The get-up is very sharp and very flattering and I tell her so. The flirtatious banter continues and I ask her to join me for dinner and she agrees. About this time, I notice something interesting and unusual in the architecture or the decor of the mall and I look up at it and point it out to her. Instead of looking where I'm pointing, she steps closer to me and embraces me. I can feel her body against me and the pressure of her arms. The dream has been steadily transitioning into a full lucidity, as my dreams often do, and I become conscious of my own dreaming. I bring my arm down from pointing and wrap it around her and pull her to me. I can smell her scent and feel the warmth of her as it wafts out of her blouse. All of a sudden, I feel her breath on my neck, followed by the tip of her nose, and then, of all things, her tongue. She gives me a lick, up the front of my throat just to the right of my adam's apple and it is unexpected and hits me like a pleasurable bolt of lightning.

I had one of those reactions that I rarely do in dreams where the sensation is so intense it causes me to wake up and react physically. To paraphrase a Star Wars character, I felt a disturbance in the force as if millions of nerves had suddenly cried out in pleasure and were now awake and partying. I had been previously lying on my side curled up and I uncoiled like sprung clockwork, kicking the blanket free, and I heard myself groan-shout as I woke up. Had anyone else been in the room I am sure they'd have thought I was having a coronary in my sleep, or a nightmare. I looked at my clock. It was 4:35 AM. Whee! That was fun. After composing myself, I went back to sleep but don't remember dreaming anymore.

Yeah, I know the gist of this one, even if it didn't come complete with the ending voiceover "full disclosure": "This dream has been an unpaid political message from the Libido Committee for the Advancement of Our Sex Life."

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It was fun! It would be a lovely case of deja vu indeed. The word alevei is Yiddish, and very applicable to this instance. It translates to something like: "It should happen to me!"

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