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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

Politicians using a panic in order to grab more power or wealth? Does this really happen?

At best, it is bureaucratic bungle caused by a natural tendency of central planning bureaucrats to overcompensate in the name of safety and the desire to shift risks of a mistake away from their own sphere of responsibility, whether this is warranted or not. At worst it is a case of bureaucrats creating or misrepresenting the scope or nature of a problem in order to benefit themselves with political power and funds or else shift those things to politically connected allies. Apparently, the H1N1 problem, and potentially the actual number of cases, is being misrepresented by the Centers for Disease Control.
From the CBS News Website:

In a months long CBS News investigation, state-by-state results of tests for H1N1 found that most cases were negative. The Wall Street Journal's Alicia Mundy and Politico's Fred Barbash spoke with Sharyl Attkisson about these startling findings.

"That's according to state-by-state test results obtained in our three month long CBS News investigation. In short, only a small fraction of cases that doctors flagged as most likely to be swine flu actually tested positive for swine flu at state labs; the vast majority of the cases were negative."
Sharyl Attkisson, CBS News

So, in the vast majority of cases deemed most likely to be H1N1 flu by doctors, in eighty seven percent of these cases, in the California data alone, this turns out not to be the actual result according to the tests...and the Centers for Disease Control sat on the information. This epidemic and the political responses to it become more tragedy or farce by the day.

Sure, let the government nationalize and centrally plan and run the entire insurance and health care goods and services industries. It's bound to be cheaper, "fairer," and more efficient!

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I've done this for a certain reason. When I was in Navy boot camp I quickly learned that the whole thing was a game and the only rule was that I lose. If I appeared to be scrambling then they wouldn't ride me so hard. So when a petty officer needed a form to fill out when a recruit was injured and yelled at me because he didn't already have one, I found it for him ASAP. I also ran to the compartment with a blank copy of the same form the next time a recruit was injured. The petty officer there wondered what the hell I was doing because bringing him that form was not my job, but I had already been blamed for failing to provide the form so there I was. He asked me if I was trying to cover my ass, I told him that I was and he told me to go on with what I had been doing.

I enjoy thinking that the people in power are evil trolls bent on enslaving us and controlling everything. I don't objectively believe that to be true. I think they only want to take actions that will have that effect because they don't know how a better way to do their job and avoid being blamed for the problems that will come along no matter what is done. I would argue that the best course of action in that situation would be to eliminate such an evil job, for this I am viewed as insane. I do not understand this world.

I don't know if it's to grab more power or wealth - unless, I guess, the CDC wants to get back funding that's been cut for years and hyped the epidemic as a means to do that. I do think that they were very worried at the beginning that we would as a world be unprepared the more virulent and deadly form of the swine flu. I'm glad this one turned out to be mild. I already have the government for my health care, as a Navy dependent. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the system has to be worked. But I'm glad I have it.

Well there's nothing wrong for being glad for what you can get...

It could be better though.

You know what blows my mind about this whole public health care option fracas is that the left favors it ABOVE non-profit health care co-ops. Granted, they want to start the co-ops with public money, which leads me to believe that it could become a defacto public option. It just really drives it home that these guys are all about controlling other people's lives and not about actually accomplishing the goal. I think pretty much everyone knows that the "public option" will be the launching pad for universal government-run health care.

I just get really frustrated with idiots who want to exchange one shitty bureaucracy for another. They really have no idea WTF they're talking about.

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