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Politicians using a panic in order to grab more power or wealth? Does this really happen?

At best, it is bureaucratic bungle caused by a natural tendency of central planning bureaucrats to overcompensate in the name of safety and the desire to shift risks of a mistake away from their own sphere of responsibility, whether this is warranted or not. At worst it is a case of bureaucrats creating or misrepresenting the scope or nature of a problem in order to benefit themselves with political power and funds or else shift those things to politically connected allies. Apparently, the H1N1 problem, and potentially the actual number of cases, is being misrepresented by the Centers for Disease Control.
From the CBS News Website:

In a months long CBS News investigation, state-by-state results of tests for H1N1 found that most cases were negative. The Wall Street Journal's Alicia Mundy and Politico's Fred Barbash spoke with Sharyl Attkisson about these startling findings.

"That's according to state-by-state test results obtained in our three month long CBS News investigation. In short, only a small fraction of cases that doctors flagged as most likely to be swine flu actually tested positive for swine flu at state labs; the vast majority of the cases were negative."
Sharyl Attkisson, CBS News

So, in the vast majority of cases deemed most likely to be H1N1 flu by doctors, in eighty seven percent of these cases, in the California data alone, this turns out not to be the actual result according to the tests...and the Centers for Disease Control sat on the information. This epidemic and the political responses to it become more tragedy or farce by the day.

Sure, let the government nationalize and centrally plan and run the entire insurance and health care goods and services industries. It's bound to be cheaper, "fairer," and more efficient!
Tags: economics, health and longevity, politics

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