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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

Borg chicks are easy.

What the heck is with the pr0n-bots on the message services lately? Okay, maybe popping up a chat window and spewing a URL to a pr0n video web site works often enough for them to turn a tidy profit. On the other hand, what pr0n business would be stupid enough to pay live women (or live somethings) to actually converse with horny net-geeks, when automated software which just broadcasts a web URL is cheaper and more efficient? Obviously, the company below was stupid enough, or else the ladies in the example are simply misguided amateurs. They can't possibly believe that they're going to make money at dirty-chat when so many are already trying to give it away! The clueless are to be pitied.

**** begin actual YIM log *****
candi8272003 (10:37:57 PM): hi
deepfriedsammich (10:38:15 PM):
candi8272003 (10:38:46 PM): hi
deepfriedsammich (10:38:52 PM): Hi
candi8272003 (10:39:10 PM): how are you doing
deepfriedsammich (10:40:00 PM): Okay. Sorry about the reply hesitation. I suspected that you were a porn-bot for a minute there.
candi8272003 (10:40:36 PM): you never no
candi8272003 (10:41:49 PM): so your not into that kind of stuff
deepfriedsammich (10:42:14 PM): Oh yes, actually you do. Usually you can just enter a space character and they will start with the stupid advertisement... If they don't then I begin to suspect that there's a real person involved at the other end. No, I'm not really into pr0n-bots.
deepfriedsammich (10:43:53 PM): So, what are you up to this evening?
candi8272003 (10:44:26 PM): well i gotta go,were trying to make money for our APT.
deepfriedsammich (10:44:44 PM): Good luck. Bye.
candi8272003 (10:45:13 PM): if your down respond to us
candi8272003 (10:45:21 PM): bye
**** end actual YIM log *****

You know, I should have strung her along until she gave me a web address and then gone there and offered the management a better business plan for a cut of the savings. Esprit d'escallier is such an annoying feeling.