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Water is the evidence that washes me from end to end

With my naked eye, I saw the falling rain coming down on me

This afternoon it is once again pouring down rain on Alameda. There is also significant gusting. I'm hoping that all of this rain is going to improve the summer water situation here in Northern California. I have heard that the reservoir levels are rising. With any luck, this mess will be gone by the time I'm ready to pack it in and head for home.

Today is the birthday of the inestimable ingenuemuse. Happy Birthday, Dear Muse. It's too bad that her computer has suffered a BIOS aneurysm and is out of action or well-wishers could bombard her with felicitations.

Today is also the sixth anniversary of my move from Lodi to Livermore. I've been living at my present house since 2004, when I moved here shortly before the divorce finalized in April of that year. This is almost as long as I lived in Lodi, since coming to California in 1996. It's a bit strange to contemplate having now lived in California for fourteen years.
Tags: birthday, muse, reminiscence

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