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Ten-at-ten strikes again!

I drive to work late some mornings. I have a 90 minute commute, so I work my commute to miss the heavy traffic times and am often ariving sometime after 10AM at my job. It's okay, I have an informal flex-time arrangement with my employers. I work late often. Anyway, one of the local radio stations that I listen to on the way has a program called Ten-at-Ten, where they pick a year and play ten songs in a row from that year. This morning just after I heard U2 "In God's Country" my radio ambushed me! The next song up was "Hour Glass" by Squeeze. Great Casey Kasim's Ghost! I haven't heard that one in ages! This isn't a song -- it's a virulent mental virus! It's a rabid killer meme more terrifying than H.P. Lovecraft's Necronomicon It's a musical neutron-bomb which destroys the brain but leaves the body standing and the toes tapping! Don't get me wrong -- I like the song, it's a catchy bubblegum tune, but when you hear it, it gets stuck in your head and even dynamite won't remove it! It's more insidious than "The Song That Never Ends." Now I'm sitting here at work, writing this as an attempt at exorcising it, because every time I try to concentrate on my job I hear, vibrating in my head:

Take it to the bridge, throw it overboard,
See if it can swim, back into the shore
No one's in the house, everybody's out,
All the lights are on and the blinds are down...


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