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Apparently, I spoke too soon, on all accounts.

It is raining. Again. At the end of May. It isn't entirely unprecedented, but it does seem to be rather tenacious of winter, to be hanging on so. At least it is not a heavy rain, and not a particularly cold day. The weather page says 57° F right now.

On the other front, the ailment that assaulted me while I was sleeping this morning has decided to sneak back for round two. I had to pop another couple of Tylenol at lunch. The aches are back and I can still feel a bit of chill and fever going on in my internals. It's not as bad as it was this morning, but these things tend to get worse at night. It's certainly sapping my productivity. I hope it lets go soon; I'm feeling a little like a dish rag.
Tags: sick broken or on fire

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