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Tell me who is going to teach you to keep your eyes dialated

It got hot over the weekend. I had to turn on the swamp cooler on Sunday. It was cloudy and overcast this morning, but not raining. I haven't seen any rain since June started, which is the expected case. When I caught the glimpse of The City on the way into work this morning, it was sunny there across the Bay. It's nice how the weather works like that. It clears to the west first, so San Francisco is often seen, skyline shining in the sun, while the rest of the East Bay is still under cloud cover. It's neat. I played the radio on the way in this morning. I get out of the habit of doing that for a month or so at a time and then pick it up again. Some mornings I have no patience for obnoxious commercials or prattling DJ's talking about insipid subjects.

I love my job. I sit on my butt at a computer all day at work, but I always feel more active at work, for some reason. I spend way too much time vegetating on the weekends or holidays, which can be a good thing, with the right company, but most of the time I am just by myself, and I should accomplish more around my house. I've got to change that. At any rate, I find that I have more sense of purpose at work. I need more of a life outside of work, that is certain. I just feel unmotivated when I am home. I mess around on the computer and play games and do minimum upkeep. I don't know why that should be. I suppose it could be worse: I could watch television.

Well, actually, I have had Carlos Santana's cover of "Oye Como Va" on the brain today. I don't know why. It's just one of those things with which my internal DJ becomes infatuated. Around four o'clock though, I chanced to catch a link to a YouTube music video by someone named Tim Minchin. It's called "God" and it's hysterical, or maybe my brain is just in a juvenile humor frame of mind right now. At any rate, it sent Carlos packing for the door.

Tags: day in the life, humor, on the road, work

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