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Uno tecate and lime

The power of the human mind to imagine and conceive abstractions is a fascinating thing. We dream of things that are not. We suppose things that could be in addition to the power to recognize and identify the things which actually are. Hell, we even imagine things that cannot be at all. What is the point of that? There are so many dreams that will never be pulled into existence. We all dream. If our dream-space were a physical place would it not be vast?

That pull is acting up again. Is it just that I am tired? I was awake too long last night, until around three in the morning, not that there was anything bothering me or anything; I just had a bout of insomnia. Perhaps it is that my self-containment has merely broken down this evening. I'm sure that it will be back tomorrow, after a good night's sleep.

An on-line acquaintance I met on OkStupid wrote for a status message this evening: "Do snowy egrets fall in love forever?" What prompts someone to write such a thing? At first glance, it is one of those things that makes the realist portion of the logical brain cause the eyes to roll. It inspires one to respond with something cheeky or snarky. Really. What would birds know of love? What a silly thought to entertain. Of course, a bit of reflection raises a question more pertinent and interesting. What was she thinking? What mood or frame of mind does someone have to be entertaining to think or write such a thing? The thought brought Nat King Cole's "When I Fall in Love" to mind for some unfathomable reason. On second thought, is that question any more pertinent than the bird question itself? What good is it to know the answer to either question? Does it change anything? I dropped her a message and said hi but she was either away from her keyboard or else not feeling like chatting this evening as she didn't reply. So much for curiosity.
Tags: creativity and imagination, introspection

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