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8:00 PM

There is so much going on here today. Jackie's water broke this morning. I got a call at work from Crystal this morning. Jackie went to the birthing center a couple of hours later. As of 8:00 PM here, I still haven't heard much more. I've talked to Shannon on the phone a couple of times but she doesn't know much in the way of specifics, herself, other than the fact that labor is giving Jackie some ferocious pain in the back. She's tired, as well, of course. Women put up with the damnedest things, which is good, because otherwise the human race would have died out long ago. I expect to get a phone call within a few hours telling me that my grandson has joined the world. It's funny, but things moved a bit faster when I was more involved. Sitting around waiting is a bit more difficult.

Poor Shannon has been at the birthing center all day with Crystal and Jackie and I don't think she's got much to do. Apparently, she was going to be the communication person and the person who managed the phones and blog and Facebook updates but she's not had much to say. I hope someone remembers to feed her. She mentioned being hungry.

It was chilly here yesterday. It rained for most of the day and the temperature stayed in the mid 50's Fahrenheit. I guess Fall has finally arrived. I haven't had to start up the furnace yet. I didn't get much done over the weekend. I still have some hedge trimming to do. With any luck it won't rain this weekend and the temperature will be okay.

The power supply on my old tower computer died on Saturday. I've got to see about getting that replaced. Hopefully, Frys Electronics will have what I need to replace the thing. I'm hoping that the thing is not too much custom-built for the case. I can't get at the majority of my music and a bunch of my older files and it is very annoying.

Last Thursday, Mom gave me a scare. She blew a blood vessel in her colon, apparently, or something. I still don't have a clear picture of what was the proximate cause of things, but she was bleeding pretty bad and ended up in the hospital. After pumping in four units of blood, the hospital in Chillicothe transferred her, via helicopter, to Riverside, in Columbus, where they managed to stop the bleeding. Fortunately, the got everything patched up and sent her home again and she's feeling okay now. Apparently, the verdict was diverticulosis. Looking that up on Wikipedia got me an eyeful of someone's colon.

Also last week, I got a visitor. A raccoon decided to explore the crawlspace under my house. He or she managed to get up into the closet where the water heater and the furnace are by coming up through the opening where the water heater emergency relief drain pipe goes down under the foundation. I think he was considering building a nest on top of the cold air return next to the furnace, as he brought some sort of old piece of cloth up there. I heard him rummaging around out in the closet in the garage and when I opened the door, there he was. I quickly shut the door to keep him from bolting into the garage and he high-tailed it back out through the opening near the water heater. Now I've got to repair the grating covering one of the crawlspace vents in the foundation, where the cable comes into the house. I've got to figure out a way to make sure that the beastie has decided to vacate the premises entirely before I close that up again. A friend at work suggested that I put a radio in the closet with the water heater and that will discourage the raccoon from deciding that the crawlspace is a good place to stay. I may try that.

9:50 PM

Shannon posted on her Facebook page: "I'M AN AUNT!" Alexander made his appearance a few minutes prior. Shannon called a few minutes later while I was talking to my mom. Alexander was born with lots of black hair. As of 10:50 PM she still hasn't gotten back to me on how long or how heavy, although Jackie posted on her page: "Oh my gosh, my baby is HUGE!" I guess you just can't keep a good woman down, or at least, away from her cell phone.
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