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Stroll around the grounds until you feel at home

I went for a walk around the marina and the office park here in Alameda today for the fourth time in four days. It has been sunny and unseasonably warm here all week but it was a little cooler today than earlier this week. The weather web site says the temperature is 62° F today, which is cooler than the 70° F it was Tuesday. I noticed. The walking has given me time to fire up my phone and chat with some friends, which is something different for me as I usually don't do much phone chatting, usually.

About a week or so ago, I read an article explaining that, in the days of non-proportional fonts used by early typewriters, it became the custom to use two spaces after a period, but now that most typing is accomplished using word processors and displayed or printed with proportional fonts the practice was no longer necessary. Rather than cling to tradition, I decided to adopt the modern convention, instead of the two-space rule I had internalized from who-knows-where. It's a bit harder than it looks to do. Its surprising how ingrained and unnoticed a habit becomes. I keep catching myself dropping in two spaces after a sentence end and going back to delete it from half way into the next sentence. It's ingrained into my typing so deep I don't even consciously notice when I use two spaces.

I'm started back up doing the meditation thing in the morning again. I kind of got out of the habit toward the end of last year. Subduing my internal DJ when she's wanting to be a distraction and spin tunes has become a factor in the process again even though I had the trick down before when I was practicing. I'm thinking it will take less time this time to reacquire the ability to tune out that particular distraction, than it took me the first time to pick up the trick. There is still no levitation or perverse desire to replace my mattress with a board full of nails.
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