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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

Leggo my Legolas

ACK! I just took a spin downtown after finding out that the theater here in town was going to show Return of the King here tonight at midnight. I had to see if there was a line. There are people with lawnchairs, out in the cold, lined up clear around the block, for a movie on a Tuesday night, at midnight, one and a half hours before showtime. Oh come on! Okay, it IS Lord of the Rings but really now, IT'S STILL JUST A MOVIE, PEOPLE. GET LIVES!

Heck, the clincher is that a bunch of them were there stag, even, and not even junior high school age, but guys old enough to have lives. I mean really, I could kind of see the romance in camping out for a movie if you and your date are really Lord of the Rings fantatics. You could be standing there, with your geeky girlfriend, discussing the movie, arm in arm, keeping warm, talking, cooing and billing, etc. It could be fun, in that beautifully silly romantic kind of way. She could be declaring you her personal Kwisatz Haderach and herself your Bene Gesserit whoopie wench for life for scoring her the ticket that will allow her to scope out Orlando Bloom before any of her girlfriends get the chance, but to stand there in the cold for two hours or more freezing your nads off alone, just just for boasting rights over other geeky nerds so that you can tell them that you got to see it first, at midnight, well, come on, get a life! I'm telling you, it's got to be a good night to own a theater.

*** edit ***

Conan O'Brien's Triumph at the Herd of Nerds video perfectly illustrates that of which I speak. Oh THANK YOU morganaus, for alerting me to this gem! Oh! My sides hurt!

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You can see it in their eyes

Several of my colleagues did the midnight showing last night. Not that they've boasted about it, but it's easy to see: the show would have ended around 3:30am; since it's fairly safe to assume most IT folks aren't out drinking until that hour on a Tuesday night, those bleary-eyed people who aren't normally so, clearly were at the movie.

For my part, I'm waiting until next week. I hate crowds.

Re: You can see it in their eyes

Yeah, we're on the same page there. I don't know though, some things are fun with a date or a group of friends but really just to silly to contemplate alone. I noticed that there were very few unaccompanied women there. In this, the women certainly had more sense. Heh.

Still, I find the Tolkien nuts less weird than the Star Wars fanatics. The best take on that was Triumph at the Herd of Nerds. If you haven't seen it, do a google search and WATCH IT. IMMEDIATELY.

I've had that on my HD for over a year, now. It's too rich!

"I don't speak to lesser beings."

"You don't speak to lesser beings? You must be a pretty lonely guy!"


And now comes the ceremonial banging of the plastic swords!

God, I laugh so hard every single time I see it. I have that and the Bon Jovi one stored on my hd.

Oh, now my sides hurt! Thank you, Mary.

I hope you watched both of them. You're welcome. :)

Oh, and I received the cds and will have a listen when I'm feeling up for experimental music. Thank you.

Tolkien fanatics are slightly less likely to show up at the movie in costume than Star Wars idiots.

Movie theaters tend to frown on people bringing in swords, bows, or axes, I suppose.

I've heard that it's the ten-foot-tall Ent costume that sheds leaves that really puts them out... Heh heh.

So, am I as boring as I think I am?


You're not boring. I would have never been interested enough to visit your site if I thought that. After visiting your site, I'll stand by that assessment.

Cool. Thanks for making a cranky girl smile!

(I still think I'm a boring dork, though.)

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