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We've Got Provisions and Lots of Beer, the Keyword Is Survival on the New Frontier

I remembered to mail Dad's birthday card today. It will get there sometime around Saturday. His birthday is Thursday. I should have mailed it last Saturday. I forgot to bring it to work with me on Monday. Ah well.

I went walking at noon today. The weather started out cool and cloudy but the sun put in an appearance toward the end. The temperature was a balmy 66° F today and the forecast is 70° tomorrow. Oh yes. Spring is finally here.

While I was out walking, I gave Muse a call and couldn't get her. I was surprised to see her on-line the other day. I hope she eventually gets back on-line.

I went to the grocery to restock tonight. I've been eating fast food so much lately, I'd almost forgotten what the inside of the grocery looks like. Heh. On the way out I was ambushed by a troop of girl scout cookie-pushers who spotted a push over. Fortunately, I only had a twenty on me or I would have scored more than five boxes of addictive baked goods.

I've got to make some plans to put this crazy house in order. I think spring cleaning is in order, if my stick-to-it-iveness stays stuck to it. The Bachelor Cave needs turned inside out and reorganized. I've been here seven years now. It's way overdue. This joint isn't a home. I'm feeling like that needs to change.
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