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Stepping out of the page into the sensual world

It was sunny and around 65° F today. I'm up to my ears in a sticky but interesting project and had a meeting right after lunch so I didn't get to go for my noon walk. I'm upgrading the code for a control whose software hasn't been rebuilt for ten years. There's going to be a lot of testing involved to make sure that everything built correctly and incorporates the newer code and features correctly. After lunch, I went to a meeting where I and my coworkers were informed that a recent efficiency and cost-reducing effort (kaizen) had resulted in significant bottom-line improvements to one of our more important products and the company was paying us all a bonus portion of the savings realized from the project. Nice!

Finished the taxes today. Washington wants more, while Sacramento says I overpaid the State of California and get a refund bigger than the federal rapacity is demanding, which is obviously a net positive. Politicians. Feh. It's good to have the damned invasive taxation accounting gone and out of my hair. I resent the presumptions of the political animals of the world. Funny though, I'm feeling very productive today, more so than the leeching of our political system can suck out of me. Heh.

I'm a little anxious for ingenuemuse. She's got pre-eclampsia and her OB is delivering her daughter, Calliope, by c-section, two and a half weeks early tomorrow, because the doctors are worried about the two of them as the pregnancy progresses. Yeah, them and me both. She's had some interesting challenges with this one. I'm hoping that they both do okay, with minimal complications, if any. Of course, I'm happy to consider that Muse is bringing a new child into the world and her life. She was talking about how excited she is. It's a good thing, but damn, the things women go through to participate in the creation of new life. Us guys are such pikers.

I was sitting here in my bedroom, noodling around on the web and thinking about these various things. My cousin Lisa messaged me and told me that she and her husband have decided to work things out between them. Apparently they're looking for a new bigger home together now. That's a good thing. Their four girls need a home with two parents in it. It's unfortunate that relationships can so frequently become problematical. In fact, it's an of an irony that something we seem to need so much, like companionship, is often the cause of vexations and grief.

I saw something that my FB friend, Cristina, posted earlier. It was a pair of photographs, a haiku, and a YouTube video link to the Kate Bush music video, The Sensual World" to which I am presently listening. Kate Bush is a remarkable conjunction of beauty, grace, and a heavenly voice. Her face reminds me vaguely of Mary Steenburgen, except that she's even hotter. The theme of Cristina's posting was roughly, winter's transition into spring. I think that post was the tipping point which made me conscious of the fact that several influences today, things of which I had not been previously conscious, were inspiring me with a bit of spring fever.

Of course, more than a little of the influence could also be attributable to an IM conversation I had Tuesday. I suppose I am being silly to admit how outrageously good it feels to have a woman offer me a compliment on my company, or express a desire for it, or tell me that my company has a positive effect on her outlook and sense of well-being. It reminds me of my life "in another country." It has been sometime now. Such things stir up that sense of pull. It is good to be reminded that the sun can still call me out of doors and that my blood is not too thick that it cannot be inspired to run a little hotter. Spring fever, indeed. Careful.

Yes, I've been feeling a bit of "pull" lately. Is it the weather, serendipitous subconscious influences and triggers, the season? There is so much more to us, to our minds, than the bright spark of consciousness seems capable of illuminating. The focus of consciousness wherein we can see and identify, is like a searchlight's beam, bright but narrow, sweeping across a very big landscape.
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