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Drill, Baby, Drill

It's hot and sticky here today, finally. Wunderground says that it's 83° F here right now. Summer is finally here. It has been a surprisingly wet and cool May and early June this year. This state is such a strange place. It is famous for being warmer than the states of the Midwest and the East, at least in the winter, and it is. It doesn't snow here, which is certainly a plus. Temperature is often very divergent in this state. Within one hundred miles of here during Memorial day weekend, we had the following temperatures: Livermore: 52° F; Santa Rosa: 59° F; Sacramento: 64° F; and Alameda: 66° F. In town where I was born, in Ohio, three hours later into the night it was 70° F. It rained clear into June. I'm wondering if we've seen the last of it for the summer.

I had a double root-canal today. It was the upper right wisdom tooth and the one next door to it. Holy moley, what an ordeal. I was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. After I got in there though, it was a bit better. The dentist had a monitor mounted to his ceiling facing down where the patient could see it and he put on a movie. It was "As Good As It Gets." It's a good movie, even though I'd seen it before. We were all laughing at parts of the movie, throughout the ordeal. There was quite a lot of drilling and filing and scraping. Oddly enough, some of the most hard-to-deal-with events were the injections of anesthetic! Ouch! He gave me about four or five. The worst one was into the roof of my mouth. There were several times during the procedure where I slicked the arm-rests of the dental chair with the sweat of my palms. After the root-canal was over, he gave me an 800mg ibuprofen horse pill and a package of eight more. He also suggested that I fill the prescription for Tylenol 3 that Dr. Hunter had written for me on Thursday, just in case.

My appointment was originally for 9:15 AM, but that got pushed back by the dentist to 10:00 and then to 10:45. Apparently, some of his earlier cases today may have developed complications or something. Whee. I had a big mug of chamomile tea before hitting the road. I was really nervous when I got there, but as I said, things went smoothly for me and he only took about two and a half hours, as he originally estimated. I finished up around 1:30 PM. I popped another of the ibuprofen pills at 7:30 PM, although I haven't been feeling any pain at all. I suspect that is due to the ibuprofen and I don't want to find out by delaying taking the next dose. I know what he did to my teeth, jaw, and gums and I certainly don't want to feel it. I suppose I am lucky. I was wondering, earlier this evening why nothing had been hurting, even though I felt the Novocaine, or whatever it was, had lapsed. I don't have any numb spots left in my mouth. I was sitting here in my room thinking about the prescriptions and thinking that an analogy would be being handed a 45 and a shotgun and being told: "Don't let them take you alive." Ha. I was getting paranoid, waiting for things to start hurting, but they haven't. Many thanks to my doctor, apparently. At any rate My next ibuprofen is at 1:30 AM this morning, so I'm going to stay up until then, pop that one and try to get some sleep.

It's really warm in the house here. The swamp cooler on the roof has a set of fried pads, I think. I've got to get the landlady to have the heating and air conditioning guys out here again to fix it. It's going to be hot tomorrow. As if I didn't have enough reasons, that would be a good one to add to the list of reasons to go to work! Alameda is so much cooler than Livermore in the summer.
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