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California, I couldn't love you more.

I was rooting around in the closet this evening, moving boxes, and I pulled out the one containing all of those letters Crystal and I had exchanged back before we were married. I pulled one out, just for fun, and started reading. It was one of mine to her, written on June 19, 1988. I got to a section written sometime between 10 PM and midnight, when I was listening to the Jazz Hour, a radio program that used to run on WLVQ FM 96 out of Columbus, Ohio on Sunday evenings. I had mentioned to Crystal in the letter that I was listening to Paul Greaver's California and John Martyn's Couldn't Love You More.

I went and found those tunes on YouTube and played them. They're fantastic jazz. Listening to Greaver brought that evening back to me, across the gulf of a quarter of a century, and I remember how in love with California I was, even before I moved here. I had written: "It's kind of a summery tune. It makes me think of tree-shaded lakes on breezy sunny summer days." I was missing her at the time, as she was away at summer camp. I had written: "Jazz is just so much cooler when I can enjoy it with you." This, before I learned, much later, that my dear ex was not at all as much into smooth jazz as I am. Ah well. It is good to remember my capacity to feel the way I did, once upon a time.
Tags: california, family and friends, love, music lyrics and poetry, reminiscence

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