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Why Dating Is Better In Your 50's...

I ran across this article from a link on my ISP's home page. It's called Why I Love Dating In My 50's.. Basically, the itemized list boils down to this:

  1. The "biological clock" is not an issue.

  2. Older generally means more experienced at life, romance, and sex.

  3. The media smiles on older men. (How this relates to ME I don't know...)

  4. Women become more confident. (Oh yes! As Martha Stewart says: "It's a good thing.")

  5. A bigger bank account means better dates. (Always room for improvement on that account.)

  6. More self-confidence and willingness to say what one means.

  7. Our bodies have "character." (What?)

  8. The pickings aren't so slim. (Who thinks that, anyway?)

  9. Your children are concerned about your dating life. (....and this is a good thing, how?)

Item 1 is certainly the case, and for the people who have not wanted children and don't have them, and for those who did want them and those children are grown up, this is pretty much true.

Item 2 certainly holds merit as well. I certainly know myself better now than I did when I was 20, or even 30. There's a lot to be said for experience!

Item 3 is a rather strange thing to claim as a benefit, unless one is a celebrity who looks like Harrison Ford. I've never been chased by paparazi, myself.

Item 4 Is spot on. Confidence is so sexy! Why am I hearing Steely Dan's "Hey Nineteen" in my head all of a sudden?

Item 5 states something with which I will agree. Money is not the answer to everything, nor does it, of itself, make who you are or tell you what to do or be or value, but as my father always says, if you have it it is one less thing about which to worry! I'm still working on getting to that "no worries" point, myself. Heh.

Item 6 may certainly be true for a lot of people, but I've always been one to say what is on my mind. Mostly, a well-lived life teaches you how to speak your mind tactfully.

Item 7 is an interesting take on our "maturing" physiques. Personally, we are what we are and we are who we are. If you truly care for someone, you're attracted to what they are because of who they are, not how well they measure up to some arbitrary and abstract standard. I can still look at my ex-wife and see that nineteen year old farmer's daughter with whom I went to college, no matter that she has changed.

Item 8 is an assessment I am going to contest, not on the grounds that it is wrong, but on the grounds that I think looking at dating as a question of pools of "eligible fish" misses the point in dating. There are as many opportunities as one is inclined to make.

Item 9 Is just silly. My daughters have their own lives and relationships and they are welcome to them. It isn't that I don't share news of my current events with them, but really, they don't need to know everything, and I'm pretty sure having them set me up with someone they believe I'd find interesting is not the best way to approach the activity of dating. They're in their 20's; we swim in different psycho-social-cultural strata. Heh.

Anyway, the article says a few things which sound very encouraging and with which I agree, but all in all, for myself, I'd rather have my 50 year old brain in my 20 year old body, but we work with what we have now, at least until medical science finds a way to lengthen our telomeres. Aubrey de Gray, phone your office... and get back to work!
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