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You'll find that I've taken nothing that love can't replace in the blink of an eye

Well, after that somewhat unseemly outburst this morning I have come to a pretty solid conclusion that Crystal is not a narcissist. Narcissism is a pathological condition. Crystal may have plenty of dysfunctions and damage, that I cannot and will not deny, but she is not pathological. She just has her wounds and mistaken premises, like most everyone else. She did try, and I do believe that she loved me, once upon a time. I believe that her friendship is genuine, now. She has some affection for me, even if we both agree that we cannot function in an intimate romantic relationship with each other. Of course, she claimed once that she didn't know what love meant until she was thirty four, which was about two years before she left, so that kind of hurts. Nevertheless, she did give our relationship an honest try. She was not pathologically manipulative. She does love our daughters. Just because one loves children does not make one a genius parent who always knows the best things to do or make one psychologically whole. She did the best job she knew how to do and of which she was capable. She's learned quite a bit since I first met her and she's still learning. I can admire her for that, and honor her for every honest effort she made or gift she gave me.
Tags: interpersonal, introspection, relationship

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