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Conversations with the directors... Part 2 Interlude: DJ

Hello DJ. I hardly ever talk to you; I just listen. I never really knew that there was a point to addressing you directly, before now. You always speak indirectly, anyway.
DJ: ...
I want to ask you about that Don Henley phrase you played at the directors' meeting.
DJ: Sweet sixteen goes to school,
DJ: Just to see the boys,
DJ: Turns and laughs and giggles,
DJ: At every little noise,
Wow. "Putin' On The Style," that's an oldie. We haven't heard that one since elementary school and haven't even heard it performed by anyone other than the school music teacher, on the piano. Nice. It's also bullshit. I don't think you're a ditz-rabbit, and you know it, no matter what Angus thinks. Posturing is not very becoming.
DJ: ...
This is a first for us. I never before asked you a question directly, and you've never been so surprisingly deliberate; this was different for you, very unsubtle. You had that phrase, of that song, queued up and ready to go as soon as you heard the question, didn't you. Well played. You surprised the shit out of me. Are you afraid of her? That would be a first for you. Do you like her? You've never disapproved of anyone ever before. Maybe you didn't mean it like it came out, on it's face? Am I mistaken, and you really were just trying to encourage me? If that specific phrase was the answer, it didn't sound like it. Can I at least buy a vowel, here?
DJ: ...
All right. I'm a little disappointed, and that too is a first, between us, but I'll play it your way. I'm still going to start asking questions of you, from now on. Count on it. You play what you're inspired to play.
DJ: It's only right,
DJ: That you should,
DJ: Play the way you feel it,
Yeah, I know. OK.
Tags: introspection

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