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Starting the week off with a bang

Last Monday, at nine thirty in the morning, I'm driving in the fast lane on 580 West, about 3/4 of a mile from the Santa Rita Rd. exit when I got rear-ended. It was a five-car chain-reaction accident. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. Traffic was stopped in the fast lane. This 70 or 80 year old man lost his hearing aid out of his ear and went fishing for it. He was driving a Hummer. These things are built like tanks. He plowed into a red BMW behind me and knocked that guy into me. The Hummer looked like it got its bumper scuffed up but it totally collapsed the BMW's rear-end and he crashed into my rear. His airbag deployed. I was idling to a stop at the time with my feet off the pedals and moving less than 1 mile per hour and the force of the collision knocked my car into a light blue Kia in front of me. I took a little bit of rear-end damage and some front-end damage. The damage to the front end of the car behind me was a bit worse than the damage to my rear end. The front end of my car isn't really bad, mostly the bumper but the crumple zones fore and aft show some deformation. The Kia has some bumper damage in the rear from the impact of my car, and some hood damage to his where he was subsequently knocked into the rear of the pickup truck. We all pulled over into the median. The guy in the pickup got out, ascertained that he only got a little paint on his rear bumper and so he left.

Today I left work early to take my car to the claims adjuster to get it examined. There is front and rear bumper damage and some quarter panel damage. The driver's seat is bent a bit. Of course the highway patrol cited the driver of the Hummer, so I'll even get my deductable back. On the whole, it has been a pretty busy week. I've got two projects cooking at the same time at work. I'm trying to get them into some shape to where I can put them away for two weeks and get them back with minimal hassle and forgetting where I was. The holiday shutdown runs from the twenty-third until January 5, but I have some vacatiion backed up against the start of this thing, so Thursday is effectively my last day of the year. Sometime this week, I've also got to straighten out my cube and get everything off of the floor so that the carpet people can clean in there over the break.
Tags: day in the life, lamentations and tribulations, on the road, sick broken or on fire

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