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The Cube Meme, Part I of III

The Cube Meme

Last year, in September 2002, I discovered a very unusual meme. This is before I had an LJ account, and before I ever knew that the term "meme" could be used in this fashion to refer to this kind of quizzie. This is a very unusual quiz. I am lifting it from the web site and posting the relevant bits here. It is almost entirely freeform and is an exercise in visualization and imagination.

The meme will be broken up over the next three entries. In the first entry, I will give you the meme instructions. The instructions ask you to envision a compound scene comprised of six main elements. The following paragraphs walk you through the elements you are asked to imagine. There are questions to help inspire some ideas, but you can write whatever you want into each element. Write out what you think and what you imagine. Be as detailed or plain as you like, invoke any sense or use any style. The object is to create a whole integrated scene, composed of the elements suggested. If you feel like it, revise descriptions of earlier objects and scene elements based upon what the later imagined scene objects or elements suggest to you. The more clearly you can experience the things and the scene you're imagining, the more useful the exercise may be to you.

The second entry in these posts will consist of what I wrote in September of 2002. I am putting this in a separate entry because I don't want what I wrote to contaminate or influence what anyone else reading this might imagine. Check out what I wrote only after reading the instructions and writing or typing out what your scene looks like.

Do not post anything here or in your own journals regarding this until you have read all three entries. The third part of this meme concerns the interpretation of this imagination exercise. Look it over and decide if you really want the world to see what you created before posting it. I'm posting mine in its entirety and unedited, but then, that's just me, and the interpretation of what I wrote is not particularly unflattering, in my opinion. Of course, most of the interpretations for the various element characteristics favors a positive perspective to the interpretation, for the most part anyway.

Cube Instructions.

This is part one of a three part meme which spans the following two entries. In the following paragraphs, you will be invited to imagine a simple scene. Be as detailed and exacting as you'd like. This is your game and your private adventure. There are no right and no wrong answers, so let your imagination run free. Upon completion of the game you'll be given the secret of The Cube and access to the voCUBEulary, where you'll find out what it all means.

1. Imagine a Desert

This can be a real desert.
One you've seen in pictures.
Or of your own imagining.

A horizon line.



2. In this desert there is a Cube.

See it? Describe it.

How big is it?

How far is it from you?

What is it made of (if you can tell)?

What color?

What texture?

Is it solid or hollow (if you know)?

Is it sitting flat on the sand?

Is it in some other position?

Before you go on, write down five adjectives describing your cube -- the mood it conveys as well as its physical qualities.

3. In the desert there is also a Ladder.

See it? Describe it.

What is the ladder made of?

Where is it located in relation to the cube?

Approximately how many rungs?

4. In the desert there is also a Horse.

See it? Describe it.

What kind of horse?

What color?

Where is it?

What is it doing/

Wearing a saddle or bridle?

And if so, what kind?

5. Somewhere in the desert is a Storm.

See it? Describe it.

What kind of storm is this?

Where do you see it?

Does it affect the cube, the ladder, and the horse, or not?

If so, how?

6. And, finally, in this desert there are Flowers.

Describe them.

Where are the flowers in relation to the cube, the ladder, the horse, the storm?

Are there many, or a few?

What color?

What kind?

Continue on to Part II of The Cube Meme

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