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A crowbar for a water-tight hatch

What IS it about that song that bothers me so much, that punches past whatever wants to close off and lets me feel it? I am sure that part of it is Sarah McLachlan's voice. She can really push that sense of anxiety and loss out of her throat. The music and lyrics are also well-crafted. She's a talented song writer. It all has to work together and she's good at doing that. Where does it hit me? There is a particular rise in the music at the chorus, the point where the lyrics are:

Now you're sleeping peaceful,
I lie awake and pray,
That you'll be strong tomorrow,
And we'll see another day,
And we will praise it, [that's it, right there]
And love the light,
That brings a smile across your face

Where do I feel it? It's in my forehead, between my eyebrows, trying to pull them together. I feel it at the outsides of my eyes, a tension. I feel it in my chest, like my heart and lungs are trying to get out of the prison of my ribs.

What gets through? The singer is in anguish, not sleeping, begging her holy hobgoblin for just one more day of life for the one she loves, just to have it to share, and promising to cherish it...and I am trying to figure out what is wrong between us...and hurting her in the process. How absolutely fucked up is that?

Would anyone feel about me what McLachlan is expressing? Do I doubt it? Yes, I do, sometimes, far too often.
Tags: introspection, lamentations and tribulations, love, music lyrics and poetry, relationship

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