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The Cube Meme Part II of III

Montecristo's Cube

This is part two of a three part meme which spans the previous and next entries. The meme is a visualization/imagination exercise. If you haven't read the first part of this meme, then go back to the previous entry to start. If you want to play, don't read my answers first so that you can approach the exercise with an open mind uninfluenced by what I have written. Don't post your imagined scene until you read the third part of this meme, which discusses the interpretation of what you've envisioned. That way, you can decide if you want to post based upon what the interpretation says about you. Mine is unedited from when I completed it in September of 2002.

My Cube

The cube is 14' on a side. It is sitting flat on the sand, buried about 6" deep in the surrounding sand.

It is about ten feet away from me.

It is made of polished African Red Granite. The color of the stone is very dark red with patches of black flecks and veins through it. The cube's texture is polished smooth, although there are protrusions of various shapes, sizes, and heights crowded all over the surface of the stone. The stone is inlaid with alien-looking runes of gold about two inches in diameter. Lines and curves of inlaid gold connect all of the runes in complex patterns. In the center of one side face is inlaid a flat, smooth, seven foot diameter disk of polished brass. Most of the diameter of the disk is inscribed with lines as wide and deep as a finger's width semi-circular in cross-section. The lines portray a stylized Egyptian-looking eye, which is upright. In the center of the pupil of the eye is the life-sized impression of a right hand, about a quarter of an inch deep, fingers spread and pointing up. The brass disk is surrounded by a smooth, polished, inlaid stone border, of onyx, one foot wide. This onyx border is itself inlaid with lapis and jade in the pattern of Celtic knot work.

The cube is hollow.

It is warm from the sun shining on it, imposing, mysterious, exciting, compelling, and conveys a feeling of great age -- ancient.

My Ladder

The ladder is made of polished oak. It is about three and a half feet long and carved with rococo designs. It is standing in front of the cube face that contains the inset disk of brass, which is a secret opening into the cube. It is standing on the ground, leaning against the cube, its top comes even with the bottom of the disk. It has four rungs, very wide and sturdy, more like a small set of stairs.

My Horse

The horse is a roan Arabian mare, fierce and proud, beautiful, and strong, wild and clever. It is standing near the cube waiting quietly and alertly. It is wearing an ornate saddle and bridle, woven with fine precious metal wires, jewels, and silk tassels. It has an ornately woven saddle blanket.

My Storm

There is a thunderstorm on the horizon. Lightning is flashing and thunder is cracking, booming, and rumbling. The clouds are a very deep purple and misty streaks of rain can be seen beneath the clouds. Even though the storm is on the horizon, I can feel a cool breeze blowing, smelling of ozone and rain, where I am standing.

My Flowers

The cube stands at the edge of an oasis, as if guarding or marking it. There are flowers growing in a thick riot among the brush and vines and date palms and around the rear and to the side of the cube. The flowers are mostly tropical and their scents mix with the thunderstorm tang in the air. The horse is standing amid some of them, near the cube, inhaling their fragrance. They are all different brilliant colors. They are large and soft-petalled, similar to orchids, for the most part, but there are different kinds, like lilies, roses and daisies as well. They're rare, beautiful, and unusual and unique and exotic and they smell very nice.

Continue on to Part III of The Cube Meme


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