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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

The Cube Meme, Part III of III

Cube Interpretation

This is part three of a three part meme which spans the previous two entries. The meme is a visualization/imagination exercise. If you haven't read the first part of this meme, then go back to the entry two entries previous to this entry to start. If you want to play, don't read my answers first so that you can approach the exercise with an open mind uninfluenced by what I have written. Don't post your imagined scene until you read the third part of this meme, which discusses the interpretation of what you've envisioned. That way, you can decide if you want to post based upon what the interpretation says about you. Mine is unedited from when I completed it in September of 2002.

The Cube is you --
Your symbolic self-portrait.

The Ladder
Represents your friends and your co-workers.

The Horse
Is your lover/life partner.

The Storm
Is trouble/upset/challenge --
life's power to stir things up.

The Flowers
Are children, of your body
and/or mind -- "your baby,"
whatever you create and nurture.

The voCUBEulary

Interpreting Your Cube.

"Well, what does it mean?" is what most people ask after finishing the game. The right answer to that question is, "You tell us." After all, it's your Cube. The voCUBEulary was created to help.

We can't tell you for sure what your Cube means. But we can tell you what many types of Cubes (ladders, horses, etc.) have meant to thousands of others who've played the game.

The voCUBEulary is conveniently presented in alphabetical order and offers many possible qualities of cubes, ladders, horses, storms, and flowers. (Can't find yours? Choose the closest approximations.) Don't take these as the end, but as the beginning of understanding your Cube.

Also, try the following techniques for understanding your Cube:

  • Ask your mate, friends, and family what they see in your Cube's imagery. People who know you well can be surprisingly helpful in finding missing pieces of the puzzle.
  • Free-associate. Anything that pops into your head in connection with your Cube (Horse, Ladder, etc.) is a vital clue.
  • Play with adjectives. If your Cube is metal, for instance, you might say, "this metal is hard, it's shiny, it's reflective, it's refined, it's stressed... " You're describing yourself.
  • Consider jokes and puns. The imagination has a sense of humor!
  • Consult body-sense. How does it feel to BE your Cube?

Cube Vocabulary: The Cube
If your CUBE is... ...YOU are:
above the horizon idealistic/ intellectual/ spiritual/ a dreamer
air open/undefended/self-effacing/subtle
below the horizon practical/ worldly/ down-to-earth/ sensual
bisecting the horizon visionary and practical/l spiritual and sensual/ making ideas/ideals practical
black stylish/ stark/ mysterious/ guarded/ self-contained/ drawn to the dark side
blue earthy/ serene/ cool/ spiritual/ electric/ loyal distant/ aloof/ sad
brown warm/ serious/ studious
buried, partially keeping a low profile/ camouflaged/ deep-rooted/ overwhelmed
close comfortable with closeness/ a "people person"/ family-focused/ impulsive/ living in the present/concerned with the actual
cloud in a world of your own/ a dreamer/ imaginative/ pure
crystal visionary/ spiritual/ pure/ clear
diamond brilliant/ precious/ rare/ lucid/ sparkling/ cutting/ of firm, decisive opinions/ indestructible/ multifaceted
dice a gambler in life/ a risk-taker/ lucky
different on each side many-sided/ complex/ versatile/ changeable/ self-aware
distant protective of your "space"/ independent/ taking the long view/ seeing things in perspective/ abstract
dug into the sand rooted/ stubborn/ conservative/ opinionated
edge facing front aggressive/ assertive/ energetic/ an "action" person/ dual-natured (2 faces show)
edge, standing on an immigrant/ a traveler, transient between two worlds/ undecided/ on the verge of a change/ edgy/ discriminating/ precise/ balanced precarious/ daredevil/ cutting-edge
fabric pliable/ domestic/ homespun/ textured/ cultured/ integrating many influences
far away see distant
floating optimistic/ idealistic/ spiritual/ living in ideas or fantasy/ impractical/ "above it all"
food (cheese, Jell-o, bread, etc.) nurturing/ devoured by others/ sensual, pleasure-loving
Formica tidy/ cheerful/ able to start afresh/ upwardly mobile
glass, clear clear-minded/ candid/ self-revealing/ realistic/ fragile
glass, colored imaginative/ romantic/ poetic/ seeing what you want to see
glass, greenhouse/terrarium cultivating inner life/ displaying inner life/ protective/ possessive
glass, stained (see colored) spiritual/ religious/ a craftsperson/ nostalgic/ artistic
glass, shatterproof tougher than you look
gold valuable/ weighty/ refined/ loyal, true/ desirable/ rich
gray conservative/ neutral/ fair, just/ ambivalent/ factual/ subtle/ bored
green hopeful/ optimistic/ ever-reviving/ nature-loving/ ecologically aware/ grass-smoking/ rich, wealthy
hand-sized intimate/ affectionate/ trusting/ practical
hole in the ground deep/ introverted/ receptive/ intense/ attuned to the unconscious/ nonconformist/ depressed
hollow spacious/ receptive/ light-hearted/ objective/ protective
hologram elusive/ disembodied/ speculative/ futuristic
house nurturing/ practical/ domestic/ socially conscious/ in real estate
hovering tentative/ uncommitted/intuitive/ realistic, but open to possibility
huge confident/ egoistic/ dominant/ grandiose/ generous
ice, melting vulnerable/ calm/ refreshing/ in love
ice, melt-proof imperturbably cool/ resourceful/ intrepid/ rational
jack-in-the-box humorous/ full of surprises/ more than meets the eye
Jell-o (see food) vulnerable/ timid/ tender/ nurturing/ funny
large confident/ capable/ capacious/ healthily egoistic
metal, framework (w/ glass, cloth, etc.) having basic strength of character/ conscious or protective of boundaries
metal, hollow self-protective/ tough-skinned/ cynical/ venturesome
metal, solid made strong by stress/ weighty/ introverted/ impenetrable/ melancholy
middle distance balanced between extremes (see close and distant)
mirrored reflecting others/ a realist/ visually oriented
multicolored multitalented/ multi-ethnic/ versatile/moody
near see close
oasis nurturing/ loving/ fulfilled
on the ground down-to-earth/ practical/ commonsensical/ reality-oriented/concerned with the tangible
opaque private/ self-protective/ enigmatic
outlined (lines on edges) clearly defined/ aware of your boundaries
paper vulnerable/ humorous, playful/ bluffing [if large]
plastic of blue-collar origin/ unpretentious/ proud to be ordinary/ "salt of the earth"
Plexiglas (see glass and plastic) resilient/ invisibly shielded
point, standing on special, exceptional/ perfectionist/ driven/fastidious/ poised/ ready to take flight/ diamond-like
purple regal/ luxury-loving/ extravagant/ pensive/ moderate/ immoderate/ romantic/ wise
pyramid interested in power (worldly or spiritual)/ mysterious/ more than meets the eye (a CUBE half-buried)
rainbow multitalented/ tolerant/ optimistic/ childlike
red warm-hearted/ hot-tempered/ passionate/ courageous/ aggressive/ revolutionary
rolling/tumbling uncommitted/ changeable/ rootless/ nomadic/ searching
rubber tough but not hard/ resilient/ able to bounce back/ flexible/ funny
Rubik's intricate/ adaptable/ ingenious/ clever/ challenging/ liking to outwit others
shiny bright/ attention-getting/ achievement-oriented/ excellent
small modest/ keeping a low profile/extroverted/realistic in expectation
solid substantial/ secure/ consistent/ honest/ non-introspective/ full of unexpressed feelings
spinning intense/ busy/ high-energy/ elusive
sponge curious/ thirsty for knowledge/ easily influenced
stone, blocks the sum of many experiences/ a pieceworker/ a work in progress/ self-made
stone, one piece (see solid) monumental/ unchanging/ firm/ hard to influence/ stubborn/ self-declaring ("Here I stand")/ enduring/ resigned
stone, rough natural/ honest, blunt/ awkward/ unpolished
stone, polished smooth/ refined/ ambitious
tiny concentrated/ focused/ hidden/ precious
translucent thoughtful/ meditative/ receptive to inspiration/ selective/ enigmatic/ alluring
transparent candid/ unable to hide feelings/ self-revealing/ observant/ objective
turning moody/ multifaceted/ active
two cubes strongly dual personality/ physical illness
yellow, bright cheerful/ upbeat/ positive/ inspiring/ making people happy
water emotional/ mystical/ fluid/ sensitive/ full of potential/ close to the unconscious

Cube Vocabulary: The Ladder
If your LADDER is... ...your FRIENDS:
access to CUBE's entrance know the way into your heart/ are the only ones you let in/ help you know yourself/ evoke your emotions
access to CUBE's top help you reach your full potential
aluminum provide practical help/ work with you/ are unsentimental /utilitarian/ up-to-date/ reliable/ light yet strong/ never a burden
ascending see reaching into the sky reaching into the sky
balsa wood are fair-weather friends/ can't be relied on/ are your own thoughts/ are angels (imaginary/ spiritual friends)
branches are natural outdoor types/ rough-hewn/ your relatives/ uprooted/ dead
bread are nourishing/ are eating/drinking buddies
broken have betrayed you/ let you down/ are in trouble/ are estranged from you
built into CUBE's side are your sibling(s)/ are close as family
cactus are difficult and prickly
connecting CUBE to ground bring you down to earth/ ground you in reality/ are your anchor
descending from the sky include God, higher power/ are from a different milieu/ are influential contacts/ are spiritually evolved/ can help you rise
descending into the ground go deeply into life/ help your self-understanding/ like to explore mysteries/ like the lower depths/ are undermining you/ are going straight to hell
different material from CUBE are unlike you
extension (fire-engine) keep increasing in number/ have a long reach/ are resourceful/ come through in emergency/ save your life
far from the CUBE are not very close/ live far from you/ don't see you often/ are not important to you
few rungs are few and close
floating are dreamers/ drifters/ intellectuals/ philosophers/ artists/ valued for their ideas/ not very practical
floating above the CUBE hover over you/ protect you
folded see stepladder
folding, jointed (many positions) are clever/ versatile/ adaptable/ ingenious
free-standing, diagonal have a unique slant on things/ are forward-looking (if towards horizon)/ are nonconformists
free-standing, vertical are independent don't lean on you (or you on them) are ambitious are "upstanding" have your respect
gold are priceless to you/ are loyal
inside the CUBE are in your heart/ are in your confidence/ are intimate/ are protected by you/ find you rather possessive
inside and outside CUBE are of two kinds: intimates and acquaintances
iron are "heavyweights"/ strong/ blunt/ loyal/ uneducated/ serious, somber
iron, wrought are cultured/ creative/ artistic/ have worked on themselves
leaning against CUBE lean on you/ give you support/ are close companions/ are physically affectionate
leather thongs are natural, organic/ athletic/ Western/ casual/ outdoorsy/ plain-spoken/ strong but supple
library ladder like to read/ lead you to knowledge/ are writers, teachers/ are well-informed/ cultured/ polished/ travel a lot
lying down are relaxed/ casual companions in leisure/ not much use (unless in emergency)/ down and out/ deadbeats/ dead
many rungs are many
metal see aluminum, iron, steel
missing rungs you've lost close ones
paint-spattered are your creative collaborators/ have had varied experiences
reaching into the sky include God, higher power/ help you evolve spiritually/ help you achieve ambitions
reaching top of CUBE see access
rickety are unreliable/ in bad shape/ ill or aging
rooted in the sand are rooted/ immovably loyal/ take a firm stand/ give strong support
rope are flexible/ dependent/ have a strong bond with you/ reach out to you/ are travelers
same height as CUBE are your equals
same material as CUBE are very much like you
shorter than CUBE are not quite your equals
spiral come and go/ are on-again, off-again/ help you intermittently
steel are steadfastly reliable/ made strong by stress/ indestructible/ straightforward/ streamlined/ practical/ unadorned
stepladder, folded come through when you need them
stepladder, open are stable/ steady/ dependable/ independent/ self-reliant
supporting CUBE (off the ground) support you completely/ are your foundation/ are necessary to your life
swimming-pool ladder are playmates/ share your fun & leisure/ help you relax/ lead you into your feelings
taller than CUBE are people you look up to
wood, new are fairly new friends/ care about appearances
wood, old are old friends/ are familiar and comfortable/ are older than you
wood, finished are cultured/ care about appearances/ are aristocratic/ wealthy/ snobbish

Cube Vocabulary: The Horse
If your HORSE is... ...your LOVER is:
Appaloosa American/ Western/ casual
Arabian high-strung/ aristocratic/ elegant/ sensitive/ nervous/ proud
ascending the LADDER rising in your estimation/ ambitious/ spiritually evolving
behind the CUBE backing you up/ in the background/ the power behind the throne/ protected by you/ hiding behind you/ taking a back seat/ "behind" in age or career
beside the CUBE your equal companion/ loyal/ close
black mysterious/ romantic/ powerful/ moody/ a good lover/ brunet(te)
bridled/saddled, plain leather married/ responsible/ hard-working/ domesticated
bridled/saddled, ornate romantic/ exotic/ adventurous/ chivalrous/ a crusader/ regal/ wealthy
brown warm/ earthy/ sensual/ordinary, unpretentious/ brunet(te)/ African-American/ Hispanic
camel enduring/ reliable/ long-married/ bearing burdens
circling the CUBE revolving around you
Clydesdale (the Budweiser horse) a real work horse/ big, heavy/ substantial/ physically strong
dead deceased/ no longer loved
descending the LADDER falling in your esteem/ no longer idealized
far from the CUBE in another city/country/ indifferent/ very independent/ in his/her own world/ a low priority for you/ on the way out of your life
female see mare
flying horse a new love/ idealized/ idealistic/ admired, looked up to/ spiritual/ intellectual/ magical/ taking you higher/ taking you away
frightened by the STORM easily upset/ a worrier/ having problems right now
head down relaxed/ an eater/ a browser/ braced for trouble/ depressed
hoof prints only a memory
hungry/thirsty not getting enough from you
inside the CUBE in your heart of hearts/ helping you find yourself/ in your protection/shelter/ jealously possessed
licking the CUBE nourished by you/ demonstrative/ a good kisser/ a good lover
looking at the STORM a worrier/ vigilant, protective
lost unsure of direction in life
lying down relaxed/ secure/ at home/ lazy/ ill/ refusing to budge
male see stallion
many horses see two or more
mare nurturing/ gentle/ patient/ fertile/ enduring/ temperamental
mustang wild/ tough/ a "street kid"/ independent/ rebellious/ a troublemaker
naked (no saddle or bridle) free/ loved sexually
near the CUBE close to you/ loyal/ committed
near the LADDER your best friend/ a friend before a lover/ close to your friends
nervous sensitive/ high-strung/ temperamental/ easily upset
no horse nonexistent/ gone/ shut out of your solitary soul
palomino your pal/ fair (in any sense)/ good as gold/ attractive blond(e)
Pegasus see flying horse
pinto friendly/ versatile/ moody/ artistic
pony small/ cute/ childlike/ affectionate
prancing proud/ spirited/ eager/ energetic/ theatrical/ affected
on top of CUBE dominant/ honored/ on a pedestal/ possessed by you
ridden by someone rational, controlled/ goal-oriented/ hard-working/ involved with someone else
running busy/ energetic/ preoccupied/ athletic
running away leaving you/ undependable/ uncommitted
saddled see bridled
spotted see pinto
stallion bold/ assertive/ adventurous/ protective/ proud
standing calm/ patient/ contented/ principled/ committed
standing over (small) CUBE dominant/ framing your life
thirsty see hungry
Thoroughbred well-bred/ competitive/ a high achiever/ very good-looking
tied up married ("hitched")
toy horse a plaything/ a possession/ toyed with/ not taken seriously
Trojan horse pregnant/ having an affair/ bent on conquest/ treacherous/ bringing unpleasant in-laws
trotting determined/ disciplined/ steady/ goal-directed/ well-mannered
under the CUBE (large or on its point) dominated by you/ in your shadow/ under your protection/ clinging
two or more horses more than one lover/ dual-natured/ multifaceted/ moody
unicorn enchanting/ unworldly/ shy/ pure/ innocent/ spiritual/ magical
walking calm/ casual/ taking his/her time/ determined
white idealized/ idealistic/ your dream of high principles/ good
winged see flying horse

Cube Vocabulary: The Storm
If your STORM is... ...TROUBLE is:
above the CUBE here, now/ in your childhood/ kept to yourself/ affecting only you
acid rain nagging worries
approaching not here yet/ in the foreseeable future
beautiful challenging/ inspiring/ part of life's drama
behind the CUBE in your past/ ignored by you
black clouds worries/ threatening but not actual
blowing away the CUBE devastating/ a major disappointment/ failure/ loss/ illness/ a strong sense of mortality
blowing away the LADDER much worse for your friends
burying the CUBE overwhelming/ transforming/ humbling/ a learning experience
burying the HORSE overwhelming your lover
coming see approaching
departing over for now
electrical shocking/ galvanizing/ giving you a jolt/ illuminating/ enlightening
far away minimal/ nothing to worry about
frightening the HORSE upsetting your lover
horizon, on the in the distant future/ other people's/ on the evening news
localized confined to part of life/ manageable/ intermittent
lightning see electrical
out of sight absent from your life now/ vigorously denied
past in your past/ the worst is over
rainstorm an emotional crisis/ bringing tears/ dampening your spirits/ depressing/ breaking the tension/ necessary for growth
sandstorm blinding, confusing/ irritating/ life-changing/ a financial or material crisis
thunder quarrels/ just sound and fury/ threatening/ rumored
tornado violent/ destructive/ traumatic/ focused, acute
wind spiritual crisis/ intellectual challenge, controversy/ stressful/ upsetting routines/ changing your mind/ energizing/ renewing

Cube Vocabulary: The Flowers
If your FLOWERS are... ...CHILDREN are:
around the HORSE's neck your lover's pride/ prize/ triumph
behind the CUBE protected by you/ your followers/students/ grown and left home
behind the HORSE coming, once you find love/ protected by your lover
bouquet close to one another/ close together in age/ gifts to/from your lover
bright-colored bright/ important to you/ attention-getting/ sources of pleasure
cactus flowers a lot of trouble/ worth the trouble
close to the CUBE your own/ young/ under your protection
cut flowers adopted/ stepchildren/ grown, left home
daisies innocent/ natural/ fresh/ blond
dead flowers in trouble/ estranged from you/ of no interest to you/ deceased or aborted/ grown up, on their own
falling from the sky/STORM blessings/ worth the trouble/ works of art
far from the CUBE other people's/ not a part of your life/ living far away
floating in the air potential/ possible/ future children
foreground, in the very important to you/ preoccupying you now
garden, away from CUBE someone else's
garden, near the CUBE your own/ kept safe/ carefully cultivated
inside the CUBE wished for/ in the womb/ young/ dependent/ cherished/ overprotected/ possessed/ an extension of yourself
many flowers many kids/ your life's work/ other people's
oasis, in a protected from harsh life/ given enriched environment/ sources of hope
on or near the LADDER your best friends/ your friends' kids/ nieces, nephews
roses passionately loved/ children of passionate love
small young/ underfoot/ pets/ other people's/ not a big part of your life
tree, on or under life's children/ growing on their own/ entrusted to life
under the HORSE protected by your lover
vase, in a your pride/ cherished/ on display/ possessed
water lilies close to the unconscious/ close to their mother/ pure
wild, growing not your responsibility/ entrusted to life

This meme was borrowed from Ansir Communications. Their "freebies page" contains The Ansir Cube Game.

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Here you go. This is what I wrote, exactly as I wrote it, as I read the meme. Interesting...


red sand
pale blue sky with high, wispy clouds
no vegetation

It is a Borg Cube
1000+ feet tall, it’s hard to be precise.
It’s right in front of me, sitting in a bowl-like depression in the desert floor, somewhat sunken into the sand.
It’s made of metal – machinery parts and pipes and conduits, and unidentifiable bits of technology.
It is dark grayish black. The surfaces are a bit pitted and rough close up, but the entire thing has a very irregular surface – utilitarian.
It is hollowish – that is, it has compartments on the inside.
It sits flat on the sand as if it has landed there.

cold, dark, menacing, intriguing, curious

It is an old, rickety wooden ladder, fifteen rungs, silvery aged wood, splintery and a bit decrepit. It leads to a dark hatch or doorway in the side of the cube facing me,

It is a chestnut quarter horse – Tammy actually, a horse that lived and died here on the farm. She has a small white star on her forehead, and she’s running across the sand on a kind of ridge that runs behind the cube, and she has neither bridle nor saddle.

The storm is brewing far off to the left (south). It looks to be a vicious sandstorm, dark and roiling, smudging the sky with a reddish blur of blown sand. It is too far away yet to tell which direction it is going, or whether it will affect the vicinity of the cube.

Ooops. Missed them on the first look around. There are a few white, daisy-like flowers with yellow eyes growing at the far-right corner of the cube. It looks as though they might have been crushed by the cube, but have survived and grown out from under it.

So, what do you think?

My name is Legion, for we are many

You are Pertho, aren't you? Heh heh. I would say that your ladder and storm say that your view of life and friends is a lot less pessimistic than you sometimes make it out to be. I think your flowers are saying what I have come to believe before seeing this. You seem to hide and stiffle your talents, like the Borg Cube hides the flowers. Any man who can make icons like yours, with that kind of talent and creativity, need not keep a job that he finds less than challenging, rewarding, and satisfying. Those are interesting descriptions, and what I would expect to see out of someone who writes as well as you do.

Some additional thoughts

We have similar cubes in that each of our cubes are firmly grounded, are a mixture of darks and metals, are terribly rococo, and hollow.

Each of our ladders are wooden and each of them give access to the cube's interrior.

I suspect that we have similar tastes in women but very different views of them and opinions about them. Heh heh, now that strikes me as funny!

What did you think of mine?

Pretty much how I figured you’d be. Refined, eclectic, a bit esoteric, a little more open, a little more stable, less… obfuscated? reticent? hidden? something like that. Interesting, strong friends, and of course, at that time I assume you could still ride your horse, even though you knew there was trouble brewing. Protective of your oasis.

And , sadly, talent is pretty much useless unless you have some paper to back it up. I tried that route, once upon a time, and found I hated it. Being forced to conform to someone else’s idea of genius to earn a piece of paper that says someone’s given you their OK to be creative… BAH.

Oh, I understand how "paper" helps you to sell your talents, but nevertheless, with a bit of extra work and a creative approach, you can go very far without paper -- especially in creative fields like graphical design and things like that. One of the chief hardware engineers, responsible for the primary design of major product lines, has nothing more than a highschool diploma. Everything supassing that is self-taught. On the other hand, our lab technician is working in a job that undervalues his talents. He does much more for the company than that for which he is paid. They pay him to put together and hook up hardware for this and that, but he also does graphical design work and layout for product demonstrations. He designs some of the demos himself, and handles all of the decorations and layout for the company booth when these demonstrations are held at conventions.

I didn't do a narrative version, just sort of a hybrid sketch-with-callouts and random words here and there. I'll wrap it up a bit nicer for here, though.

White marble, perfect proportions, perfectly smooth, with razor edges, about 4' on an edge, solid(?) [I wasn't sure on that, so put a ? after it], flawless. Was resting on flat sand, but the sand has drifted a bit over a few days(?) and forned a sculpted shape around the base of the cube. Wind is from the left, sun is strong and from behind and to the right a bit. The cube is rotated so that an edge is closest to the vantage point (which seems to be a floating 'camera point' or 'eye point' ... I'm not there, it's just the sky, sand, and the cube). 5 words: Solid, Pure, Angular, Cool, Inert.

Leaning on the front-left side of the cube, about 5.5 feet tall, with 5 rungs, made of weathered, greyed wood, bottom about 2 or 3 feet from the cube, top just sticking up past the edge, where it rests.

Brown, mare(?), sleeping a ways behind and to the right of the cube (opposite the ladder), maybe 50' away?, I'm thinking of Mad Max's 'gulag horse' from Thunderdome. It's not hurt, though, but it is lying down, sleeping (belly towards the cube, ass-end pointing at the far horizon). Not saddled.

A sandstorm off to the left, might get here in a few minutes, maybe a few hours, looks like a low wall of sand, but I know it's pretty thin, mostly dust, with a bit of grit. Will cover the cube and horse with a layer of dust/grit, but won't cause any real injury (think 'thin Martian sandstorm', strong winds, but no force). Mostly harmless, made of the same gold-hued sand/dust the desert is...

Honestly, my first reaction was "What flowers? Flowers don't go here." but then it seemed to insist, so I figured there were some (4 to 6?) small, white-petalled, struggling flowers, growing in the lee of the cube, protected by it (from the ever-present wind), and basking in the extra sunlight reflected off the sunny faces (the right side is where the sun arcs ... guess this isn't an equatorial desert, and if the sun rises in the East, then I guess we're in the northern hemisphere, I'm looking East, and the wind is from the North [not that it matters]). The flowers apparently reproduce by airborn pollen, since there aren't any bees around. Perhaps these white flowers are desert roses[underlined on my paper, I'd also underlined "white" in "white-petalled"]?

So, in reality I'm arrogant, neutered (and childless), have few friends, relatively stable, quite logical (but prone to occasional fits of strange), married (closely so, I'd say), and have a bit of spare time today. In all, I think the thing got 3/4 of it right, suprisingly. Fun, but hardly serious. ;-)

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