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She can't take you any way you don't already know how to go

While driving to work this morning, I noticed a sticker on the back of a minivan. It was for the Granada Little League Baseball. It consists of the background being the shape of a baseball, with the stitching shown, the name of the organization printed around the circumference of the baseball, and superimposed on the background are the letters "GLL." What's funny about the sticker is the arrangement of the monogram. The letters are, unintentionally I believe, arranged in such a way as to suggest the symbol for a wheelchair. I noticed those little white outline silhouettes of people, arranged in line on the back window in such a fashion to suggest a family. There were four people and a pet dog. Several minutes later, I was behind a very similar minivan of the same color, also with the silhouettes in the back window. This was for a family of six, plus dog. I reflected that if one were not paying attention it would seem that the two vans were the same vehicle and that the people had been procreating while the observer was distracted. I have a theory about those silhouettes. You only see them on minivans and SUV's. I suspect that the drivers are either consciously or unconsciously feeling guilty about a supposed "eco-unfriendliness" and are attempting to justify their choice of vehicle to the observer. You always see these things on the back of large gas-guzzling vehicles and they always depict some rather extensive family, even down to the family pets. I think they are an attempt to justify the vehicle, as opposed to being merely an expression of family pride because you never see these things on small, economy cars. Also, no matter where you see them, you never see just one or two silhouettes — a single person or a couple — it's always a family. Frankly, I think it would be funny to drive a Humvee and have a single guy-silhouette in the back window. That would be one of those kinds of jokes that impact almost subliminally. They catch the attention but then it takes some thought before people realize why it is funny, or else realize that their sense of "ecological correctness" is offended.
Just need a little brain salad surgery
Yesterday, while noodling around on the Psychology Today website while reading an interesting article on the reason children do not like school, I serendipitously ran across a link to the website of Dr. Marsha Lucas, a neuropsychologist who thinks that meditation promotes beneficial neurological changes in the brain and as a bonus, does not require a crash course in the contemplation of irrational mysticism to accomplish. I've always had a curiosity about things like meditation and bio-feedback.
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