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You're never too old...

Tonight, in the pages of the namethattune community, I was told by someone who had just perused my bio page, that my watch was as old as she was. Hmmm, I promise I only felt old for the few minutes it took a month to pass. Hell, I'm only five and change, in dog years! Anyway, I think I have discovered a good rule of thumb if/when I ever start dating again: Never date any woman younger than my watch. The beauty of this rule of thumb is that it moves as the years advance. As I get older, so too does lower end of the scale advance. Hmm, that should keep me from being a lecherous cradle robber, er, at least it should help me conceal the fact that I am. Heh heh. Incidentally, my watch turns twenty-five on my birthday this year. Heh! Ah yes, gently declining the amorous advances of smitten younger women is how every man wants to spend fantasizes spending the latter three fifths of his life.

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