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Some expenses are a mixed curse...

Well, I have a microwave oven now. I finally had to break down and buy one. When the contractor put the damned gas range back in it's accustomed spot and reconnected it the thermostat in the oven died. At least that is my diagnosis, without taking the fool thing apart. The thing is ancient. There is no electronic ignition, and the gas for the pilot lights is always on, even if the pilot goes out. Yes, it is that old. The contractor hooked it up and an hour afterwards came to me and said that he could smell gas and that the burners would not light. Of course, the man was used to gas ovens with electronic ignitions or else ones whose pilot lights have to be started by holding a valve open or a button down to make the gas start, even though he is probably at least ten years older than me. So anyway, I opened the thing up and lit the pilots in the burners and the oven -- no gas release necessary. I don't think it's legal or at least insurable to manufacture a gas appliance that works like that anymore. Anyway, I discovered that the oven will not light now. The thermocouple looks good and it is still in contact with the pilot flame, so that is not the problem. It must be somewhere between the thermocouple and the gas valve for the oven. Fortunately for my breakfast needs, at least two of the burners on this decrepit thing still have knobs and work.

As a consequence of my oven-less-ness, I am now the proud owner of a 1.6 cu ft, 1100 W microwave. I went to Wally-World (Wal-Mart) and picked one up. Ah well, no more thirty minute dinners! My cooking time just went from 30 minutes to three and a half. As I always say, it is an ill wind which blows nobody good. The question is though, are Budget Grommet frozen boxed meals cooked in one-tenth the time, progress? Heh heh. It is now T-minus 58 days and counting before I must abandon this place for somewhere else. The adventure continues. I have got to get busy Monday.


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