Robert (Bro. Pepper-spray of Reasoned Discussion) (montecristo) wrote,
Robert (Bro. Pepper-spray of Reasoned Discussion)

Some of my friends sure have interesting lives. They're even more interesting when we slice their exploits and ramblings up and scramble them together, as the following meme does. I added the emphasis on some of the more humorous phrases...

If lj_style, lj_nifty, pertho, valkyrieblue and ingenuemuse were here they would probably say:
... candles. Her in-law/my friend is 35, 5'10", single, dresses well, so I put on hyper music and you should go get dressed properly. Formatted code from Kaiser and Im too lazy to the hotel. J, his girlfriend, the taken girl while you're logged in its own way. One friendship almost seems popular to the Irish Bar at the end of it, and doesn't guess URLs, these are all the entries in your s/n, just extremely spooky and PHP. I added in the future, but I figured people headed South to the City for a friends The point is needed, either I inspire people, or something productive. I cooked a great breakfast the full list. By request of mendel, and users of Gravity when I have nearly identical schedules. I'm actually see me online, they wont know. Hopefully. Back to him while she and I headed home and slept almost all day. You are a girl, whom was just getting good... The two in the basement wet, but has the LJ update page. If you're using my intuition, keep your fingers crossed that this works with Win XP Pro for me. They really are. Hee. Im excited just getting out December 1st because Potter and I go back to an appointment tomorrow and be a bummer for the cat. You could probably give a pig since he was a pig since he has insight on this tree is a swell guy. Mike fixed my caller i.d. box so the code will load the livejournal with the code and icons were updated. Now it myself to finally opened up to put on hyper music so I didnt know him in the nads. Then asked him like I do, however. Ill post more later. Any suggestions on the category of the same team Am...
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