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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

Postas with the mostas

I come up with some of the damndest ideas when I'm looking for trouble in which to involve myself. For my latest excursion, I have compiled a table showing the posting frequency of the people on my friends list. The posting frequency is found by dividing the total number of posts by the journal's age in days. The table is sorted by posting frequency in descending order.

<th>LiveJournal User</th> <th>Journal Creation Date</th> <th>Journal Age in days</th> <th>Posts</th> <th>Posting Rate</th>
Posting Frequency for Montecristo's Friends as of 1/26/2004
bellacrow 7/20/2001 920 2373 2.579348
thejessicka 2/6/2003 354 596 1.683616
morganaus 2/10/2003 350 477 1.362857
curtana 2/16/2002 709 906 1.277856
valkyrieblue 3/31/2003 301 383 1.272425
consume 9/22/2002 491 495 1.008147
fearsclave 4/4/2002 662 664 1.003021
ingenuemuse 6/20/2002 585 555 0.948718
prolixfootle 12/17/2002 405 264 0.651852
minstrel70 8/4/2003 175 109 0.622857
f00dave 8/26/2002 518 277 0.534749
jehosephat 2/6/2001 1084 552 0.509225
industrialyte 11/16/2003 71 35 0.492958
forthright 4/13/2002 653 219 0.335375
shanmonster 7/7/2001 933 290 0.310825
bobthemonkey 1/31/2002 725 221 0.304828
montecristo 3/8/2003 324 65 0.200617
ysbel 2/22/2003 338 30 0.088757
mishamish 7/10/2001 930 81 0.087097
sebstorm1 1/15/2004 11 0 0

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Wow. I feel like a LJ matriarch.

Maybe after you break 1000 days or maybe 1000 posts, heh heh.

...Queen of the Damned. How many other's have you bitten with The LJ curse?

One suggestions to make the results more reflective of the actual *content* of the posts would be to use the length of each post in that expression. A nice way to keep MEGAPOSTS from dominating things would be to either sqrt or log the length before summing....

But that's just me. :-)

But that's just me.

And the term for that is *nerdomaniacal*...

Acutally, I thought it was "philosophistry". [Almost three thousand hits on Google, damnit, I thought I'd made that one up. :-( ]

Well, that's a crapload more work...

You'd have to download everyone's entire journal and then run each of them through a shell script...I wasn't that bored yesterday.

Re: Well, that's a crapload more work...

I think there's an API that lets you harvest a user's journal (well, at least those posts you have access to). There might also be an LJ stats API. No idea, but I'm sure someone's asked for it by now. ;-)

Re: Well, that's a crapload more work...

Yeah, you are correct. Unfortunately, journals only download in XML format, so you have to do a crapload of parsing to get any useful information out of them.

Re: Well, that's a crapload more work...

Perl can Do It For You. ;-)

Heh, Number 3. Scary. I went really nutty on LJ, posting just about every day, multiple times per day, the first few months. I've slowed down a LOT since then. I had to. :\

Did you read all of my entries?

Yes. I do that, especially in journals of people I find interesting.

Slacker! Kidding. ;)

Very interesting.

Laziness is a virtue in a software engineer!

The lazy engineer does it right the first time, because it's a pain in the ass to do it over. The lazy software engineer carefully documents his code, so that he doesn't have to reverse-engineer it the next time he has to work on it.

wow, you actually know someone who posts more than i do? kahrazy.

Yeah, and that's not all that's funny!

Notice the big jump at both ends. It is a smooth progression except for the last items on either the top or bottom. The next person up from you posts half again as often as you do. Look at the bottom of the table. The people who post less than I do, post less than half as often. Seems to be a sort of bell curve distribution.

Re: Yeah, and that's not all that's funny!

Bummer. I'm rather used to being on the right-hand side of a bell curve, not at the high point. I'm going to have to start posting more!

Re: Yeah, and that's not all that's funny!

You've got a lot of ground to cover then. I suspect that the vast bulk of LJ posters post somewhere between one post in every three days and five posts in every three days. The mean people appear to be consume, fearsclave and ingenuemuse, who post an average of three posts every three days, or one a day.

Re: Yeah, and that's not all that's funny!

I shall post 66 times tomorrow in order to achieve the mean, then ten per day until I achieve the 95th percentile!

Re: Yeah, and that's not all that's funny!

They're mean alright. :-P

yes, I am known as "MachineGun Bella" for my posting style

*hangs head*

Well, that may be, but you're very interesting, so that isn't such a bad thing!

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