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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

An experiment...

As a project for ladyjaida's Evolution Class, copy the meme below into your own journal, then post a comment here linking to the post in which this meme can be found. Make sure the meme itself links back to this post, so that everyone who posts this meme, on her friendspage or not, can link her to their meme-post.

Where did you first see this meme? fearsclave
Are you male or female? Male
Post your memelink HERE (http://www.livejournal.com/users/ladyjaida/272230.html?mode=reply)
Edit: Attempted viral-meme replication-correction DNA, courtesy of prolixfootle. Do not modify the link in the line preceding this edit! It must be replicated, exactly as it appears, as a link back to ladyjaida's original entry, where, if you can follow instructions, you will have posted a comment linking back to your copy of this meme in your journal.

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I believe the link you have shown is actually supposed to be a link back to ladyjaida's comment page and not your own comment page.

Example: ( http://www.livejournal.com/users/ladyjaida/272230.html?mode=reply )

instead of
( http://www.livejournal.com/users/montecristo/19809.html?mode=reply )

at least in the majority of other links I explored...

I think it was intentional, hence his title "an experiment...".

Memes suck ass nuggets.

When are you going to stop with the snide comments and actually post something?!? Dude, you are slackin'</b>!

Snarky guy needed that!

Who, me? Dude, I'm too busy being a snide asshole to post. ;-)

Memes are somewhat like grafitti...

To whit:
"Those who write on shithouse walls,
roll their shit in little balls,
Those who read these lines of wit,
eat those little balls of shit!"
Hence, your comment is entirely apropos. Come on f00dave, don't be curmudgeonly: ladyjaida may be dying of a rare form of leukemia and wants to get into Guiness Book of World Records for receiving the most kind meme-linkss from thoughtful strangers, and it's for education! Besides, Microsoft has agreed to send a check for $5 to everyone who forwards this! Just think, if shanmonster got infected with this, and posted a link on her blog, it would jump out of the LJ community like a virus crossing species, it could be picked up by Neil Gaiman and posted on his page. Who knows where it would go from there? Maybe ladyjaida's meme could conquer the world and issue in an age of peace, harmony, and eco-friendly sustainable growth! You really want to stand in oppositon to all of that? You're so heartless, Man...

Re: Memes are somewhat like grafitti...

Ass nuggets. Eat 'em whole. You know you want to, or you wouldn't be memeing all over the goddamned place, would you? ;-D

A memeticist, that's what I'm calling the originator of this one. Meh, back to work I go....

It's entirely too late!

Oh no...replication error! Now a cancerous, poisoned, vampyric meme is loose in the LJ community! How many LJ users will this oncological horror claim before it exhausts itself in the end-node journals of users who are very unpopular?

Will prolixfootle's heroic effort to fix things via imunization with a recombinant viral counter-meme pay off? Alas, the cold laws of mathematics say that the prognosis is not good! Perhaps ladyjaida should have coded her meme's genetics better (and more clearly) when she engineered it!

You know...I wonder if ladyjaida is registered with Blogshares? A meme would be a brilliant, enterprising way to influence the blog-market in your favor! What an idea. Actually though, contrary to f00dave's speculation about my original subject line, the corruption of ladyjaida's meme was purely unintentional.

Re: It's entirely too late!

Sarcasm?!? I am shocked!

Re: It's entirely too late!

I told you it was a poisoned vampyric meme! See what damage it's done?! Actually, I am editing to include your heroic attempted viral vaccination even as we speak!

Re: It's entirely too late!

You forgot cynicism too! This is a very virulent cancerous meme! Let's hope your immunization takes hold!

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