September 14th, 2004

Montecristo Captain Quixote

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The past two days have been hectically busy. What a change of pace from Friday. Friday Robert and I goldbricked for something like an hour diagnosing a dead automatic nightlight I broght in. Never give anything interresting to an engineer unless you want it disassembled. The diagnosis was too much current through the triac. Robert theorized that the manufacturer switched suppliers and part number on the triac and did not re-evaluate the design for the new part. Here's what we found:

Today was different. Things did not start off well. I got up early enough this morning and cooked breakfast. One broken yolk. The eggs are always right. Ovomancy is an art at which not to scoff. Heh heh. Despite my efforts at getting to work earlier than 7:15, it still took me until almost 8:00 to get there because of a nine-car pile-up, and subsequent traffic jam, on 880. It took me about an hour and a half to get to work. After I got there, I busted my butt on BAD CODE all day long. Sheesh. The guy that wrote the stuff on which I am working is a nice enough fellow, but really, he couldn't design his way out of a wet paper bag, when it comes to software. It is a tragic shortcoming of many electrical engineers that they fancy themselves software engineers as well. Feh. He's lucky he's at another office. I felt the urge to strangle him rise up in me several times today, wrestling with this mess. My bosses are breathing down my neck to get this done, and they haven't allowed nearly enough time. It's bad enough that the specification did not even finalize until four days ago.

There is no rest for the wicked at my home, either. I'm trying to put together the business plan for the company so we can see about getting McGuffin financed. Right now I'm working on a description of the company, it's employees/founders and the company goals. This means I need to come up with a couple of paragraphs of information about Robert, myself, Tom, and Don. Heh! I just have to get everyone to come up with a couple of paragraphs for the tech background and I can put that into the document. Gah, everything takes so damnably long. The technical problems look much easier (and more fun) to address.