April 22nd, 2005

Montecristo Captain Quixote

Out of the Blue

Damn, it's a fine day today. I just got back from a walk along the marina. I'm actually having to roll up my sleeves again, despite the air conditioning here. The sun is shining, the air is somewhere around 70°+F and the breeze is nice. It's perfect. I walked over to the Marina Village Mall to grab a burrito from 360° Gourmet Burritos because, procrastinator that I am, I once again did not pack my lunch this morning.

As I passed the drugstore there, I saw and smelled a riot of potted flowers they had out on the sidewalk. Heh, they looked so nice and smelled so good and I was in such a buoyant mood that despite my chromosomal configuration I was tempted to buy some. Of course, the realization soon dawned that, since I didn't have anyone better with growing things to which to give them, if I did buy them they would soon suffer The Curse of Captain Blackthumb. Ah well, no matter. I can enjoy them where they are just fine in the interim, and another temptation to indulge in decor was narrowly averted.

At the burrito place I watched them make my burrito. The song which is now in my head was the one blaring out of the speakers in the restaurant -- which was okay with me, as I consider it a cool tune. It's fascinating to watch people work so fast and so flawlessly. They really pile on the ingredients. I am amazed that they can get the things folded and rolled. I've been observing closely, because I myself have not really been good with this trick, but I think I understand it now.

I took my burrito back to the marina and sat on a bench and watched the boats and had a really nice lunch. People who buy burritos from places like the "Taco Hole" really don't know what they are missing when they consume those bland, anemic, anorexically-built wads of dough. The burrito I had filled me up pretty well, and unlike what I would have from Taco Bell, I only had one.

A couple of days ago, I saw another of those Cooper Mini's. This one sported a cute blonde woman behind its wheel. It was a brilliant red, almost a candy apple red, and it's top was red as well. The deliciously petite ingenuemuse has complained of driving battle wagons into which she can barely climb and fears to drive lest she steamroll the innocent passersby, so perhaps she should consider one of these odd-mobiles for herself. They seem to be in vogue among attractive women here. My suggestion, an electric blue one for the lady.

At any rate, I think I have solved the mystery of the white roof. The savvy Miss classytart has informed me that the Cooper Mini is not a true Cooper Mini unless it has a white roof. I have noticed though, that those Coopers having tops which are the same color as the body have a brush-stroke "S" following the Cooper marque. Mystery solved. The original Cooper Mini's, by my observations, do have a white roof, while the Cooper-S Mini's appear to have a top which is the same color as the body, such as the grey one or the red one driven by the distractingly fetching ladies.