April 23rd, 2005

Montecristo Captain Quixote

Words With Which To Hang Someone

I'm considering writing something, but I was sorting through some old papers of mine which are full of interesting snippets of trivia, (what the ex used to call my "infomania") and I found my list of killer words. I love word games, for the most part. I used to play hangman quite frequently. Once I sat down and came up with a bunch of doozie words which would present real head scratchers to opponents playing hangman with me. There is a nine-letter length restriction because I believe that is the limit for the boxed hangman game sold in stores. I think that just adds to the challenge. They're killer words because:
  • they have unusual letter progressions
  • unusual constructions
  • they have few vowels (or use "Y's")
  • having just a few letters misleads from how the word actually sounds when you have all of the letters
  • guessing one or two vowels actually makes it harder to guess the word because of how they're used
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