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Slimy mudhole? This is my home!

Good Heavens, I haven't posted anything in so long, I fear I have forgotten how! This morning I took an alternate route to work. Normally, I go out of the San Juaquin Valley over highway 12, then down 160 over the Antioch Bridge, then along 4 west to 242, from there to 680 and then to 24 and that into Oakland, where I cross the estuary by taking the Subterranean Speedway a.k.a. the Webster Street Tunnel into Alameda. This morning was different though. This morning I went down highway 5 to catch 580 West. I had to go to Livermore to drop off an application to rent a house.

It was fun driving in over 580 this morning. I had forgotten how beautiful the Altamont Pass looks on a late winter/early spring morning, even when it is completely overcast and raining. The hills are marvelously green. You get used to the brown out here in California. When I went back to Ohio to visit a couple of years ago, I was shocked at how many trees there were. Ohio, at least the eastern half, is terribly arboreal. You have no idea how arboreal it is when you've grown up in the midst of it. People from other places imagine the industrial midwest and they think of steel towns like Cleveland, but most of Ohio is not like that at all. It strikes me like The Black Forest in Germany, which the Roman Legions feared to enter. One of the first things that struck me about the scenery out here in California, was how barren the west looks. Of course, at that point, I had not seen any of the coastal redwood forrests up around the Russian River or Yosemite Valley. At any rate, the Altamont is a beautiful drive in the early spring. It greens-up fantastically and these interesting yellow flowers cover the fields and mist is everywhere. I wish I had a camera with me this morning. Even with the sky gray and spitting rain, it was still a calendar view. I was wondering if the sun would poke through the clouds and show me a rainbow. One of the best rainbows I have ever seen in my life was up in the Altamont on the way to work one spring morning, back when I used to come this way. I've never ever seen one so vivid. It was a double, too and it was coming out of the mist like the highway had mysteriously grown an exit to the Bifrost Bridge of Norse mythology. All in all, I enjoyed my trip to Livermore this morning.

Yes, I think I have finally found living arrangements, now that I am only two weeks from being an under-the-bridge hobo. It's a good thing. I was debating between a house with three bedrooms and one with two bedrooms and somewhat nicer shape, for $150 per month less. I think I will take the two bedroom job and pocket the difference in rent. The houses in Livermore are the nicest ones I have seen on my budget. I am trying to keep my rent below $1700, thank you very much, but I don't want to live in a cramped rat-hole or a box of people, either! Personally, I really don't fancy "complexes" full of "units," even though I am single now, and such might be a greater opportunity to socialize. On the other hand, as perversely wired as I am, maybe the solitude will be an even greater incentive for me to get out and mingle some more. HA! I have so much code to write -- I should be out "mingling" NOT.

Actually, I can't wait to get myself together and move, assuming that the people renting the house don't decide to offer it to someone else first. They claim to have been talking to "other prospective tennants" but the house has gone empty since early January so I'm not really sure how much creedence I pay that. It's a nice place though. It has a fireplace in the living room. It's on a nice quiet street, a small cul de sac and the fences and landscaping keep it kind of private. I'll have to post some pictures of my old place and the new one. I have so much to pack up and then unpack. Moving is an interesting adventure, but rather low on my list of exciting things to do. Perhaps I will buy a house one day -- that will be a move I am really eager to make. It's going to take a bunch more bucks though, to get me into someplace that I really really love. I have lots of great ideas about what I like, but unfortunately, they're not cheap. As I said, I've got to write some code!

My project with my friend Robert has been on hold, more or less, since I was informed that I am out of my happy home. I haven't had much time to do anything -- including ruminate and post on LJ. Now I can get back to getting the software for our project written. This thing has taken far too long to get off the ground. Robert has both boards back from the circuit board manufacturer now. He has been dying to stuff them with the components and test them, but unfortunately for him, his sister-in-law will be visiting for the next two weeks, which leaves him in the same boat as me: too busy to accomplish anything. I guess that takes some of the pressure off of me right now, but I'd rather be getting the code done. Gah! I will be so happy to get all the baloney out of the way and get back to this. I want so desperately to see it work. I am eaten up with curiosity. It's such a shot in the dark kind of thing. Fortunately, the code is no big mystery. That part is going to be easy to do, if I can just get the time! I just wish I were finished with all of this turmoil. I am so ready to move on with my life, but there's just so much junk still left to clear up and re-organize.


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