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Damn, what a gorgeous day!

Oh yeah. Still no damned house yet. I think the people to whom I am talking now may be flaking on me. Gah! I hope not. I like their place better than my second choice, even though the second choice location is bigger. If I don't hear from them today, I'm going to call up the second choice people and start negotiating. What a pack of cheese. You'd think that if you put a house on the rental market and it's been sitting there for two months you'd be eager to talk to someone offering to rent it from you. Ah well. It's too nice a day to be apprehensive.

Great Hod, what a glorious day it is today in California. God, I love it in the spring here. I think I have a mild case of reverse seasonal affect disorder: sunny days really make me sunny! The sky contains just the right number of big, white, fluffy cumulous clouds. In the summer those big beautiful clouds burn off and the sky is a relentlessly clear cerulean ceiling usually until after sunset. It's about 55° F and headed for 60 again today and the sunlight is a rich golden nectar pouring in through my car windows making me have to run the AC -- not like that wan, washed out yellow it gets in the winter. It was great coming into work this morning, barreling down 24 with great jazz on the radio and the scenery flashing past. The San Francisco skyline looks particularly inspiring in the sunshine, although it's not too shabby at night, either. My mother always used to say that I was used to the seasons in Ohio and that I would miss the familiar weather when I moved out here, but it's just not true. Other than missing the thunderstorms, which are rare here, I love California -- it is SO my home. The only way it could get better is if I had a convertible and some entertaining conversation.


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