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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

Gee! How in the hell do they know?!

Okay, most of the criteria are easily deduced, but still, I wonder how they came up with that one for ingenuemuse? What journal data correlates with "easily distracted?"

montecristo's LiveJournal Friend Stats I
Biggest digital packrat: bellacrow
Most easily-distracted: ingenuemuse
Most friendly: bellacrow
Most popular: shanmonster
Most communities: bobthemonkee
Oldest on LJ: jehosephat
Newest to LJ: sebstorm1
What Are YOUR LiveJournal Friend Stats?
(Beta - May be slow for those with large friends lists)

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(Deleted comment)

Re: For answers, consult mirror

Damn. That's tricky. Muse's journal and mine are entirely different. She posts frequently, I post infrequently. She has hordes of friends, I have a somewhat more modest list of friends. She generally posts short to medium length posts, I post "walls of text." Hmmm, we both fill in the "mood" and "music" fields frequently. HEY! Maybe we each make frequent references to other people's journals! Hmmm, I wonder if that's how it decides. It couldn't be commenting frequency, because I think that I do that much more often than Muse does. Damn, it's a puzzler!

Oh boy, now I'm eaten up with curiousity over why LJ blacked-out the background on that last comment!

Re: For answers, consult mirror

Perhaps it's based on subjects? Having a great deal of variety in your topics could constitute being "easily distracted."

Sure would be nice to get the source code. I'd love to know what it considers me to be. I guess I'm too middle of the road to be "most" anything.

Re: For answers, consult mirror

You know what's funny about this? We both know ingenuemuse and yet when this quizzie runs on your journal I end up being "Most easily-distracted" instead of Muse. Maybe the external references thing is wrong then, because I think Muse probably makes more of them than me.

Why is the background black???

What did you do minstrel70, forget a tag in that last comment? Ugh!

Re: Why is the background black???

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<bgcolor="#000000">') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]


Perhaps. I thought I cut and pasted it correctly, though. Let's see if the lights are on now.

Re: Why is the background black???

I guess that doesn't work.

I guess when I copied the HTML I missed closing a table element. Here's the correct results:


minstrel70's LiveJournal Friend Stats I
Biggest digital packrat:
Most easily-distracted:
Most friendly:
Most popular:
Most communities:
Oldest on LJ:
Newest to LJ:
What Are YOUR LiveJournal Friend Stats?

(Beta - May be slow for those with large friends lists)

In the entry generated for MY posting, the closing </TD> </TR> tags were for some reason transposed, giving and unclosed table row and an unclosed table data. Weird. I wonder why it did that. I know it was at the generator end, because all of the correct corresponding tags were present! It's just that the last two had been generated out of order.

And here I thought it was my cut and paste, hence my deleting my original comment and throwing the entire thread here into complete chaos.

Things like this, and mysticblaze's recent photo posting problems, which I was similarly unable to solve, are precisely why I take care of the servers, not the code!

Hello, I just added you. Add back if you like :)

Just out of curiosity...

How'd you come across my journal, and what prompted you to add me?

Re: Just out of curiosity...

I was looking over the journals of members of the bootards community, a lovely community with a stupid name, and you had commented on Morganaus's posts.

Plus you seem funny and smart and I like your picture.

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