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Someday, somehow, gonna make it all right!

I have a house! I got the house! Yes! Vanessa, my new landlady, called around 2:00 this afternoon and gave me the good news. I am celebrating! I broke my rule of never drinking alone and got into the rum for a rum 'n' Coke (yeah, okay, ladies drink -- so sue me!) and had one of those. Tonight I ordered pizza. This is fantastic. I was almost sure that I was going to have to put my stuff into storage and live in a motel until I could find a place. The relief is palpable. I feel so damned much lighter now. I am now going to be living in Livermore, starting March 1st! Yes!

This house is not the first choice in Livermore. I had been looking at a two bedroom, one bathroom house for $150 a month less. That one was a bit nicer and the yard was a bit more work, although that was nicer too. The one I will be moving into has three bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms a fireplace in the livingroom and a water chiller on the roof to keep the place cool in the summer. It's already wired for cable. I don't know what kind of cable services I'm going to get turned on when I get there, other than my internet. Fortunately, I can keep my same ISP and account. It's a nice house, and a lot more space than I need, but that's okay. Maybe one day I'll get a roommate, if I get my territoriality under control. Right now, I'm still getting used to being single again. That's another good reason to be moving. This house is so full of memories. Bleah. Well, for better or worse, it's gone with the end of the month.

I'm taking the day off tomorrow to start the transition. I have so much to do. I have to shut down all the utilities, forward the mail, start up the utilities at the new place, shop for a mover, see about moving my cable account. In the case of that last problem, fortunately, I can move my account from here to Livermore without too much hassle. That way I can keep my e-mail and web space et. al. I also have to start the preliminary packing and that should be going on all next week, after I get home from work.

I don't know how much longer I will be able to maintain this journal before the move, and I don't know yet how soon I can get everything up and established at my new place. Perhaps my friends will wonder what has become of me for a week or two, but given the infrequency of my posts, I don't think that the absence will be noticed, even if I had not mentioned it here. The real problem and irritation is that I can no longer post from work unless I do so by e-mail. I've got to learn how to manage that little trick or I am going to be out my LJ for however long it takes me to get the cable account moved. Of course, being able to make entries via e-mail is not really going to help all that much, given that I won't be able to read anything anybody else writes, nor will I consequently be able to see comnents or make any either. For this, the IT department where I work should be flogged with wet noodles.

The out of control IT department has deemed several domains "off limits" and have installed a block on them. LJ is, unfortunately, one of these. They have also plugged the firewall hole which allowed YIM to get out. Paranoid, officious, power-drunk, trolls. The glorified cable-pushers have hosed up my new machine for me on the pretext of "helping me" by implementing a bunch of policies enabling them to micromanage everyone's "computing experience" like control-freak Socialists on a bender. Bah, string them all up with Cat-5 patch-cable, starting in Chicago, from whence this idiocy percolates down. I despise having to fight my employers in order to enjoy the privilege of making them money, and I am not alone in this sentiment. Furthermore, XP, the Bill Gates monstrosity which has enabled and encouraged all this hands-on, fingers-in-everybody's pie, IT behavior is in danger of converting me from a closet Linux admirer to a full-blown fantatic and zealot. I have never had so much trouble with a computer until my Windows 2000 box was replaced with this XP machine, and it is the foolish IT policy dinking that is doing it. I've had more problems with this XP box in a matter of days than I've had with my 2000 machine over the last couple of years! Ack! Enough bitching and revolution fomenting. It's not like I have to deal with it before Tuesday again. I certainly have enough on my plate, and I have too much to be celebrating to let this harsh my buzz.


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