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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

(no subject)

Well, I'm back at work and some semblance of sanity is returning to my life. Last week has been a real trip, and though the craziest part is over, there is still much to do. I still haven't been able to pack my lunch yet or to fry myself breakfast. I'm still looking for my skillets and the Ziploc bags in which I put my lunch.

Today is my dad's birthday. I've got to call him this evening. Stupid me, I didn't get him a card yet. I've got to find a Hallmark somewhere in this town and take care of that while the issue is still pertinent. It's bad enough that the darned thing won't be postmarked until tomorrow. I called my dad. He didn't talk long. He's not a big conversationalist when talking on the phone. He begged off to go eat a chicken salad sandwich after not much more than a few minutes of conversation.

I have two refrigerators now. I have my refrigerator from my old house installed in the kitchen, where the water for the ice and water on the door has not been hooked up, so I haven't turned it on so that the pump will not run. I have to call the plumber to hook up a small copper line to the back so that I can turn the darned thing on. Until then, I am using the one which came with the house, which I had the movers move to the garage, where it is currently plugged in and running. I'm keeping stuff in there for the nonce.

I went to the store last night. I bought the following bare-bones essentials:

  • butter
  • 7 Red Delicious apples
  • deli-ham
  • eggs
  • mustard
  • resins (oops! haven't touched a bong in years...really!) raisins
  • bread (although I believe that there's some in the breadbox, if I can remember which box that's in)
  • Kraft American Cheese Slices
  • Alpine Lace Swiss Cheese Slices
  • carton of 12 cans, Diet Caffeine-free Diet Coke
  • 8 assorted frozen Budget Gourmet (grommet) meals
  • toilet paper
Note: I miss Food 4 Less in Lodi already. I looked for mangoes and apparently Nob Hill Foods doesn't carry them or they could just be out for the season. Hmm, I am definitely going to have to find some store that does carry them. Geeze, is so much to explore and research when you move to a new town. I have become addicted to mangoes, which I find I need to have at least a couple times a month. Thanks ingenuemuse, if you dropped off the planet tomorrow, and I lived to be two hundred years old, I will still never eat a mango without thinking of you.

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Mmm, butter is a good item.

Resins could be types of glue
or Rosin for a bow
but I think they are

DRIED GRAPES to add to oatmeal.

Oh geeze! I am so busted!

That will teach me to just rely on the spell checker! Usually, I proofread better than that! Ugh!

Your deduction is only half correct. The dried grapes are for eating at lunch time. I pack a couple handfuls in my lunch every day for carbs. I haven't eaten oatmeal in quite some time now, although I do like it, and I do like it with raisins. On mornings where my skillets are not packed in boxes, I fry a couple of eggs and deli-ham and put those between two pieces of toast and a slice of American cheese -- it's my Egg McMuffin knock-off.

Okay, okay! The grammar police never sleep!

Gah! That was fast. As I told pr1ss "I am so busted!"

Re: Oh geeze! I am so busted!

Misspellings are ok, I'd never comment on one.
But when you get different word, it's open season!

Okay, the "bread PACKED AWAY in the breadbox" would be SO like me. However, we are OBVIOUSLY very different in the "calling a plumber to do something" bit. Unless it involved MAJOR restructering of the house, I would have atleast attempted that myself, usually to the accompaniment of some Bob Marley on the radio and a case of beer. Growing up with a contractor (an ELECTRICAL contractor, true, but a contractor all the same) for a father kinda wired me that way (no pun intended). :-)

Ah, you see, you are not Quite right there...

I have only decided to go for the plumber option because of two things: I have just rented this house and don't really know how Vanessa, my new landlord takes to my DIY'ing all over the place and two, I am a bit pressed for time.

I may put the deal off until next month, whereupon I may just attack it myself. My father has been an electrical engineer and a state electrical inspector for Ohio, and I have helped wire houses with him. Already, I am thinking of replacing the ungrounded outlets in the house, as well as the thermostat, which is a cheap Honeywell with a mercury switch which is not level! I have done my own plumbing before, so you see, we are less un-alike than you think.

Sounds like some good grocery shopping!

Oh come now, that's not shopping!

Ha! That's just doing a little stocking up. Grocery shopping is where you go into the store and raid it for every good thing of which you can think. It's even better when you go with somebody and you plan something really tasty to have together, like next weeks meals. It's really fun to go out and shop for some great snacks with the intention of curling up in bed with someone while munching your munchies and watching a good DVD movie. What I did was foraging for survival. I haven't been really grocery shopping in quite awhile now.

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