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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

(no subject)

It's another beautiful day in California today! All over Livermore, there are these trees with really neat white blossoms blooming. They smell great too. I think they are almond trees, but I'm not sure. I think the bay trees are in bloom too. The shorter drive to work in Alameda is really a pleasure, and the weather is no doubt contributing to the good mood in which I find myself lately.

Well, I got my washing machine and dryer hooked up and managed to get a couple of loads of laundry done last night. This means I did not have to go to work today in a flour sack. Unfortunately, the couplings on the hot and cold water hook-ups for the washer have developed a drip. Now I have to go to Orchard Supply and Hardware and get some gaskets that fit, if I can find them. I also need to level both machines.

I still haven't found all my silverware yet. This is most vexing. My house is still full of boxes, although most of them have finally been opened so I at least have a rough idea of where things are. Now I just have to decide how to organize and store it. Decisions, decisions. Between living in a house full of boxes and this lovely spring weather cranking my libido up, I feel like the horny [insert favorite ethnicity to belittle here] who spent the night in a warehouse.

I did find my cutlery and some of the miscellaneous camping eating utensils that I packed with that, but it was so late last night when I found those that I blew off my Budget Grommet frozen meal for the day. I also managed to find my skillets. Theoretically, I could have cooked breakfast this morning, but my stove-top is occupied by a whole bunch of stuff that needs organizing and put away. Gah, I'm starving. Yesterday I had an apple, two handfuls of raisins, and a bag of Pop Secret Kettle Corn. Call me an idiot. As I write this, it is 45 minutes to lunch and I am torn between hitting the vending machines or taking an enormous bite out of my desk! I must hold out, then I can go have a nice lunch at the Marina Gourmet Coffee Mill. On days when I don't pack a lunch, I usually get:

  • a roast beef sandwich on whole wheat bread with lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese and Dijon mustard
  • a couple handfuls of corn chips
  • a nice dill pickle spear
  • a cup of chili (maybe a bowl of it today, since I missed breakfast)
  • a regular sized, single mocha
Robert is out today, but I think I am going to call Herb Heinz, over in marketing and see if he wants to go to lunch at the Coffee Mill. He often accompanies Robert and I on our lunch outings and I am wanting to ask him how his concert went at the Oakland Metro Saturday. One last time, I lament not having been able to go. Migrations are so damnably inconvenient. I'm sure it would have been fun. Amy has another concert in New York City coming up shortly. I've got to remind him to bring me in a copy of his new CD "Another" and Amy's new one "Residue" at the end of the month (payday). Everyone else can order them through the website at Is Productions, unless of course, it's your birthday or something, and I know you like Herb's and Amy's music, and I'm feeling well-disposed toward you. Heh heh.

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there are these trees with really neat white blossoms blooming. They smell great too

Great Scot Man have you know sympathy for those of us with allergies?

Ha! It's beautiful, warm and I LOVE IT!!!!!


PAH! A pox on your allergies! How about some sympathy for those of us with eight-to-ten inches of new snow on the ground?!?


Ooh, snuggling weather and that's a problem?

Hint: I love all weather. ;)

Not only do you have to stop snuggling eventually (feh!) but then you have to go out in that mess. You can always snuggle when it just gets really cool or when it gets really windy and rainy at night (very nice). Nobody needs snow to have an excuse to snuggle.

Yes, but it would be odd to have a roaring fire in the middle of summer...other than on the patio on a cooler night. Would you get me off this subject please! Pure torture you are!

Misery loves company.

Yes, but this is pure torture! ;)

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