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Just Another Day in Paradise

I think Spring has established a beachhead for itself in Northern California for the year. Winter appears to be in full retreat and I can safely predict that it will not be heard from again until December, not that it will make much noise here, even then. Yea! To spare my correspondents in the Northeastern quadrant of the North American Continent, who still live under the threat of snow, I shall refrain from daily weather reports for fear that some of them will make good their threats to tar and feather me. Suffice it to say that the climate here (everyone else in the U.S. and Canada has "weather" except for the Hawaiians and the Californians) is most excellent and that I am extremely happy about it and you may take it that it has remained so unless otherwise noted.

I have managed to locate my silverware and utensils! I may actually be able to make myself dinner tonight and pack myself a lunch tomorrow! They were right where I had forgotten I packed them, in the bottom of one of the first boxes that I moved into the kitchen to unpack. Unfortunately, I hadn't actually gotten around to unpacking it yet. You know, you always find something in the last place you look. I have a weird system for moving in. I am in the process of unpacking everything and just piling it up in the various rooms where I think it should go. After everything is out where I can see it, then I will decide which cupboards and closets or shelves will be the new storage locations for the various items. I'm still organizing. I have a very perceiver-type system. That's one thing for which Judgers, like the STBX* wife, are good -- they have a knack for deciding things without over-analyzing them and considering every possible angle. Ah well, my house, my way. If I have to be alone, I might as well have everything else exactly as I want it.
* = Soon-To-Be-eX

I had to call the waste management service and set up my garbage pickup. My landlady, Vanessa, said that the rule was that the landlord was to initiate the service for the tenant (no doubt to insure that it was not neglected) and she said that she would do it. Apparently, she didn't, or else someone at the waste management company screwed up, because they only took the recycling and green-waste yesterday, each of which were in "official" cans, distributed by the company. Apparently, the previous tenant ran off with the official offal can. Why anyone would do this is beyond me. Anyway, there was another large can in the garage and that is what I had put my garbage in and left at the curb, and that is what the waste company ignored yesterday. Fortunately, I haven't had much opportunity to create real garbage, because I haven't been cooking. I have been eating at restaurants and calling out for pizza, and the latter, in my case, leaves only a cardboard residue behind when I'm finished with it. Anyway, I called the bozos this morning and setup my trash pickup. They're dropping off an official can for me tomorrow, and my first pickup will be next Monday.

Yesterday evening, my new next-door neighbor, Jeannette, came over around 9:30 to tell me what I already knew, that the waste management company had left the garbage can un-emptied. The woman and her husband are very nice, but they seem to be real busy-bodies, or at least she does. She called the company yesterday on my behalf, and without my knowledge, and discovered that I did not yet have an account. Oh gee, thanks, I guess. They also offered to loan me an extra lawn mower, if I didn't have one. Actually, I have two -- an electric, which I already owned, and a gasoline-powered one which was apparently left by Vanessa or the previous tenant. I wonder just how much of a Gladys Kravitz Jeannette is going to turn out to be. This should be an experience. I don't know, she's nice, so I might not mind her nosiness and in-your-face helpful friendliness, but it just seems weird to me, though, because I usually take awhile to warm up to people and get to know them slowly.

I'm getting the itch to go to the movies again. I've been seeing an interesting billboard for a movie called "Secret Window" with Johnny Depp, every evening on the way home now. It sounds like a thriller, which is a good thing. I don't know much more about it than that. I haven't had the time to visit the web sites of any of these movies yet.

Just this morning on the radio I heard another pair of worthy candidates for my entertainment dollar. The first is "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," starring Jim Carey. This is apparently a movie about a man who contracts with some sci-fi future service to erase from his mind the memory of an old girlfriend whose memory pains him. Obviously, the conflict in this movie is provided when the protagonist discovers that experience, good or bad, carries consequences when it is dismissed, and comes to regret having his memory of her erased. Frankly, the premise gives me the shudders. I treasure my experiences, the good and even the bad. They are part of who I am, and I have learned important lessons from all of them. I cannot abide the philosophy that there are some experiences and memories which are best erased and forgotten, for whatever purpose. Our character is a record of our living, and erasing it is like erasing life. I'm really intrigued by this movie. I want to know where the author stands on the issue, although I have suspicions already.

The other movie I heard about on the radio this morning is "The Ladykillers," starring Tom Hanks. This is the latest offering by the Coen Brothers and it looks to be an off-the-wall comedy about a group of men, lead by Hanks, who are determined to commit the perfect crime, and the feisty little old lady who crosses their path and has become determined to stop them. Like the other Coen Brothers movies, this one will probably be off-the-wall, but possibly not as heavy-handed and dark as "Fargo." It is to be hoped that Hanks will lighten the plot enough for good comedy to shine through, as Tim Robbins and Charles Durning did for "The Hudsucker Proxy." All of the Coen Brothers stuff though is weird, and somewhat surreal, but very enjoyable. "The Ladykillers" is scheduled for release March 26th. I'm tempted to drop ingenuemuse an e-mail to give her a heads up on this one, as she loves Coen Brothers movies, even though The Mischievous, Mysterious, Tenth Muse, (The Muse of Erotic Rhetoric) has been something of a naughty goddess and has been rather neglectful of her cyber-worshippers lately.


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