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Closer to Fine

I got a bunch of work done last night. When I got home, I found that the waste management company had dropped me off an "official" garbage can, so now I will be ready for pickup on Monday. I also found a copy of the San Francisco Chronicle in the driveway. Hmmm, I usually get the news on line and I know I didn't order the paper. I wonder what the deal with that is. Probably the previous tenant had a subscription and it just hasn't run out yet, but then, who was picking them up all the time the house was empty? The house has been untenanted for the last three months at least, according to what Vanessa has been saying. I assume that the subscription for the last tenant would have run out by now, so that hypothesis is not very credible. It must be that the delivery person has an extra copy and is attempting to hook me on the Chronicle by giving me a freebie until he can solicit a subscription from me next month when he comes around to collect. Hmmm, he's in for a disappointment. I haven't had time to read either yesterday's edition or today's that I found this morning in the driveway. I'm probably not going to continue.

When I got in the house tonight, I hooked up my stereo to the cable in the living room and flipped on KFOG 104.5 out of San Francisco. My stereo is really old. I got it when I was in high school. The contacts are really dirty inside and you have to push the buttons and twiddle the dials a bit to clean them so that the speakers will output correctly. It still plays though. It has a receiver, magnetic cartridge turntable, a cassette deck, and an 8-track deck! The speakers are large, about two feet tall, really decrepit, and the protective grating on their fronts is somewhat damaged and age-worn. One of these days I'm going to break down and buy myself a nice new one. KFOG was playing Irish artists last night, in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

Next, I went to work in the kitchen. I managed to get two boxes emptied and out where they could be sorted and organized. I found a home in the cupboard for my dishes and glasses and Tupperware-like stuff. I got the last of the silverware sorted out. I'll probably pick a drawer for that this evening. My kitchen has oodles of storage space. I like it. As soon as I clear off the stove, I can start making breakfast again. This will be a good thing. I'm a bit leery of cooking on an electric range. It's surprising how fast you get used to seeing open flame and knowing how hot things are going to get. Ah well, live and learn. My mother believes that I will probably burn a few things before getting the hang of cooking on it. Maybe. I don't know. I'm a quick study -- which is one of those few areas where my vaunted high IQ has actually paid off for me in real, tangible benefits. I'm resourceful and I think fast on my feet. I refuse to be daunted. Perhaps if I get the darned thing cleared away by tonight, I can actually cook breakfast tomorrow morning.

I also did a large load of laundry. One thing I've noticed about laundry is that washer and dryer manufacturers have improved their machines to the point where you can actually get some really precise control over how you want the clothes washed and dried -- second rinse, water temperature control, hot, warm, and cold, soak, pre-wash, wash, and rinse cycles, permanent press cool-down cycle, the vigor with which the clothes are agitated or tumbled, etc. Conversely though, reading my clothing labels, it seems that clothing makers have been striving in the other direction! Most of the labels on the clothes I have say wash warm with like colors, except for some jeans and sweaters and dark stuff which is still cold wash, but even the things I would expect to wash hot, like washcloths, towels, and underwear say wash warm on the tags. Go figure. I guess that makes laundry easier for us suddenly single people who haven't kept up with the laundry technology to pick it up easily without ruining our clothes in the learning curve.

I stayed up entirely too late doing all this stuff. Of course, the truth is that I couldn't have slept anyway, even if I did not have a bunch of stuff to keep me occupied. I had another insomnia attack last night. I didn't get to sleep until after 2:30 AM. Ah well. I was downloading music while I waited for the dryer. I noticed ELO's "Mr. Blue Sky" playing in the background of a commercial for "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" so I had to go bag that one because I like it. I guess it's on the soundtrack. I'll have to look that up, but I did hear ELO mentioned in the commercial.

Later, I heard Gary Jules's "Mad World" played on KFOG and the tune sounded intriguing so I downloaded that one. Wow. I'd never heard it before. It's an interesting tune, with a haunting melody but it's depressing. It's one of those tunes that has the power to damn near make me water up and get all un-manly and stuff. Eeek. There are a couple of tunes and movies that come pretty near as damnit to being able to do that. Simon and Garfunkel's "Scarborough Faire" kind of has that effect on me, but I'm not sure why. Looking up the tune, I found that "Mad World" was featured in the soundtrack of the movie "Donnie Darko", which is another movie that friends have acclaimed but which I have never seen, so I went to look at a trailer for it. Okay. That's just weird, but it does look creepy, weird, suspenseful, and intriguing, in a twisty sort of way. Perhaps it is time to see if my Blockbuster membership transfers cleanly from the Lodi store to a Livermore one.

Movies I'd like to check out sometime in the near future:

I got an e-mail from Robert the other night. He sent me a picture of one of our project boards with a couple of components soldered onto it, and explained that he got impatient and broke down and started soldering even though we still don't have all of the components yet. It seems that we have to make another investment in a purchase of about fifty capacitors which are neither small nor cheap, and a couple of other components as well, before we have everything he needs to assemble the boards. Of course we also needs software too, which I am dying to start coding, as soon as I can get this house to a state where it is livable. Actually, I'm dying to post the picture of the board here, but I don't think that would be a good idea, given that we've agreed not to discuss the actual details of this thing with anybody who has not signed a Non-disclosure agreement. Ah well, soon, it won't matter. We're getting close, and then we will see if this fantastic pipe-dream will fly. I'm so psyched. I fear that I am going to just drop everything one of these days and hook up my processor development board and start writing code, even though I've got all this other stuff to do first! Gah! The temptation is torture.

It just occurred to me that yesterday marked six months since Crystal packed up and moved out. Gee, somehow it doesn't seem so long. Things have just been happing in such rapid succession, one after the other, and most of them not really good, it just really seems that time has flown. I don't know. I guess I still miss my family, but I seem to be adapting okay. I'm certainly doing better than I would have believed possible, had someone told me eight months ago that I was going to lose family and home and almost everything else I've spent the last twenty years building. Ha! S.L.O.B.S. Never Buckle! We Bobs wobble but we don't fall down!


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