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5:30 PM

It was overcast and threatening rain this morning. It was also a chilly 55°F. I'm sure that some of my friends from the frozen wasteland parts of the world will feel quite vindicated to know that California is not always a paradise; it just is most of the time.

Work proceeds apace. I'm involved in a fairly easy project right now, adding a new feature to a capacitor bank protection device. The most difficult thing about the project was getting the various interested parties to define and agree upon what exactly they wanted the software to do. In the case of marketing, this meant that they had to clarify for me what exactly they had promised the customer in the way of functionality. Then that left only nomenclature to agree upon and then I went and modified the software. All that remains is fixing the documentation to reflect the changes. I have to prepare some descriptions for the tech writers and edit the user help files to reflect the new reality. Basically though, I'm happy with this one.

I stayed up too late last night, talking to pr1ss. She's very creative. She had told me where to find that cartoon avatar creator tool that everyone has been using to make new icons. Well, I went at it and got some kind of results:

I don't know if I'm pleased with it or not. I'm not really good at caricature, for whatever drawing talent I may have. Actually, pr1ss is a much better artist than myself, I think and she made me an icon too. Cool! When I showed her the one I had been working on, she noted that I had traded off "realism" for "personality." Okay, that's probably giving me more credit than I deserve. The one she made me is much different than the one I did:

So, having been up so late last night discussing important matters like LJ icons, I got up a bit later this morning. That is why I am still at work now. Flex time is a good thing. Of course, it doesn't help that I am getting ready to leave and I have already arrived at a good stopping place for the day in the work I am doing. I need hardware for testing, and we are going to have to wait until one of the hardware engineers gets me a modified circuit board before I can do it, because the new feature requires changes to both the software and the hardware. Ha! It feels so good to be ahead of the hardware people for a change.

It's been a productive day. I went to lunch with Robert, and our friend Tom (who works with us on our personal project, but not at our day job employer). We were talking about setting up a meeting with a lawyer to discuss the plans for the company we are forming. Everything is so up in the air right now. We really don't even know if the thing we are building will work, but Robert is very confident, and I know that the software is pretty straightforward. We just need to get this thing back on track, now that Robert and I both have been distracted from it. The processor development board sits on my desk tempting me to drop everything else and code, damn it, and I want to do this. Once this puppy flies, everything changes. Sometimes it scares me. I want to talk to someone about it so badly. Geeze, the secret eats at me like some juicy bit of gossip does with some women. On March 16th, the Tuesday before last, Robert sent me an e-mail with a picture of one of our circuit boards and the explanation that he got antsy and couldn't wait for all of the components to arrive to get started putting the components on. We discussed it at lunch today and he said that he didn't mind if anybody got a look at the

On the way back from lunch, Robert and I were rained on. Fortunately, we had taken our umbrellas, but we still walked back the long way, through the park, along the estuary. The park is very nice. It runs along the marina. Anyway, I didn't notice that it was coming down so steady until the rain started to soak the polar-fleece sweater that I pull over my shirt on chilly days when we walk to lunch. I deployed my umbrella when I realized how damp I was becoming. Heh heh, it made me think of ingenuemuse, who has a love of walking in the rain. I wonder if she has had the opportunity, as it is almost the perfect weather for it.

The keys click away the minutes, and now it is twenty after six. I should go home and have dinner. When the traffic is good, it only takes me about 40 minutes to get to Livermore from here. Even when it's less than perfect, it still doesn't take more than an hour. It feels so good to cut my commute time. I've been having dinner at home ever since discovering the mystery box where I packed my silverware. That first Budget Grommet Meal I was able to nuke never tasted so good before. Unfortunately, I have not been able to try out my stove yet because I cannot find my kitchen utensils, like ladles, spatulas, serving spoons, etc. I fear that I may have left them in a drawer in my old kitchen, but I'm pretty sure I went over the place with a fine-toothed comb before I left. I don't know. I guess I will find out as I get to the bottom of more boxes.


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