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The Friday that Wouldn't Die!

Wow, there's nothing slower than a Friday in which you are stuck in something that, while not difficult at all, is somewhat tedious and boring. I'd rather be designing software or coding today instead of working with user documentation for what I've just built. I have so much else on the brain today as well. I am honestly going to be busier than the proverbial cat on the marble floor today.

I have a package in shipping with UPS which I am tracking. The bone heads tried to deliver it yesterday but couldn't figure out which apartment in the building was the proper destination address. I had never put any apartment number on the address before and I've shipped other things there just fine. Sheesh! I don't believe that the Post Office, a damned government bureaucracy, is showing up a fine private organization like UPS. It's a sad day for free market advocacy. I suppose I'm going to have to go over to UPS and see if I can't straighten them out, while the contents of the package are still topical!

I'm also going to have to visit the bank and draw out $1500 for the STBX wife, so she can continue to raise my children in my absence for another month. I still haven't heard anything about final paperwork, but I am expecting it with a maddening mixture of both dread and anticipation any day now, as April will mark the end of the six-month waiting period. Oh well. I don't really like hauling around a large chunk of cash, but Crystal wants to use a good portion of it for rent, and they will hold any kind of check for three days at the bank. Go figure. Maybe I can get a month up, if I get some financial breathing room after paying off all the moving expenses. At any rate, I was going to go to Sacramento tonight anyway, as Shannon wants to come to my place for the weekend. Her sister has plans for spending the weekend at her friend's house.

1:10 PM

On the way back from lunch, I stopped at the UPS Store and found out that the package I had sent was delayed until Monday. Rats. Damnit, but it can't be helped -- one stupid freaking mark more on a stupid form would have saved me three days -- auugggghhh! On a better note, Herb got me my CD's today. I now have Herb's new CD, "Another," and Amy's new CD, "Residue." My first reaction is just, wow. I'm really glad I asked Herb for that first sampler disk on a whim that day. Herb and his wife are excellent musicians. I need to listen to both disks all the way through a few more times before I can start taking them apart and figuring out what's going on in them in detail, but they're pretty impressive just at first blush. Amy is quite intense, and she has a beautiful voice. I'm such a compleat sucker for the brainy artistic types.
My hat fell off when you wandered in,
My head fell in when you wandered off,
I got the bandages and the broom,
But the dust of you is in every room,

--Amy X. Neuburg: "Residue"

All in all, this week has been pretty unexciting. Almost nothing has really happened. Last week was much more eventful. For instance, Mom sent me a package. She loves doing that. Heh heh, I love sending mail too, when I get the chance. Everyone loves to receive mail that is not a bill or an advertisement or some other such trash. Mailboxes contain such droll garbage and work-a-day baloney, for the most part, and this is indeed a modern tragedy which anyone can help ameliorate! Everyone loves to be reminded that someone, somewhere is thinking of them. My mom likes sending me interesting stuff like trinkets and movies. Usually, the movies are not movies which I would pick for my first choices, and occasionally they are ones that I don't particularly like at all, but then often you don't really know if you're going to like some movies until you watch them, and just getting them is a pleasant surprise. This time, the box included:
  • Windtalkers (VHS) She's on a Nicholas Cage kick and I think she just got this one on DVD. I haven't seen it, and I wasn't all that intrigued by it, but it could be interesting.
  • Somewhere in Time (VHS) she just got the DVD and is sending me her spare. It's a total chick-flick, but based upon a novel by Richard Matheson, who is an excellent writer of horror, sci-fi, and other forms of speculative or fantastic fiction, and Jane Seymour is such a fox. Eh, I liked the movie.
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes (VHS) an excellent movie based upon one of my favorite novels, by one of my favorite authors, Ray Bradbury, and starring one of my favorite actors, Jason Robards. It's a good addition to my library, but I'd love to get this one on DVD. Mom didn't like this one, so I got it.
  • Adaptation (DVD) Looks intriguing. I often enjoy romantic comedy.
  • Lost in Translation (DVD) I keep hearing wonderful things about this one, but I really haven't been moved to see it. It has Bill Murray, it might be interesting. So that's whereconsume got that icon...
  • Spaceballs (DVD) Mel Brooks, John Candy, Rick Moranis, and did I mention, Mel Brooks? Outrageously funny.
  • Eight Millimeter (DVD) Another Nicholas Cage flick, but this one was a bit too gritty for Mom, I think. It's a crime drama about a detective's search to find the fate of a neophyte, perhaps shanghai-ed, porn actress who may or may not have been killed in a snuff movie.
  • Nothing But Trouble (DVD) Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, Demi Moore, Adventure-Horror-Comedy -- I'm all over it! Looks interesting.
  • Bloodwork (DVD) Hmmm, crime drama. This is more Mom's thing than mine, but the cast looks good and the premise looks interesting.
  • The Bridge on the River Kwai (DVD! special edition! Boo-yeah!) This is one of the movies on my "Great Classics List" It is very very welcome in my library! It's a fantastic film about courage, honor, respect, and dignity vs. the futility and barbarity of war -- all of the things which ennoble man contrasted with the degrading effects of conflict and war. This is an absolutely brilliant film which everyone should see. The acting is great. It deserved every Oscar it got and probably a few that it didn't get. It was made in 1957 but it's a timeless classic. One user on the Internet Movie Database commented: "The Definitive Guinness Performance," and I could not agree more. Alec Guinness was indeed Genuine Class (it's an anagram!) in that picture.
  • Flipo illumiwrite penMom and I have shared a writing implement fetish all our lives. We are constantly on the lookout for the perfect pen or pencil or drawing instrument. My mom likes the rather whimsical ones, whereas my chief criteria are line quality and ergonomics. This one has color LED's inside it that can change color in the upper part of the clear pen body. It looks pretty nifty.
  • a bookmark with an excerpt from one of my favorite pieces of poetry: William Ernst Henley's "Invictus" The poem is on my LJ user into page, and Mom knows it's one of my favorites.
  • Rosanne Cash: "Selections from Rules of Travel" it's two songs off of the CD "The Rules of Travel". Now my mother knows I am really not a fan of country music at all, but she also knows that I have been known to make exceptions, and since she has the whole CD, she sent me this sampler CD with just two cuts on it. I haven't listened to it yet.
I also have a couple of movies that I haven't looked at yet from Mom's last "Care Package":
  • The Swap (DVD) Looks like a forgettable De Niro flick from 1969 but it may turn out to be interesting.
  • The Day of the Jackal This is an excellent political thriller that I have seen before.
On Wednesday, the 24th, I got an interesting, but disappointing surprise. I had just awakened in the morning, when my pants started ringing. Okay, it was my cell phone, which was still clipped to my belt from the night before. So I got up and answered my pants and found that someone had sent me a picture message! Hmmmm. Having just got this phone last month, (first cell phone) and still not having the hang of all of the features yet, I was gratified to have the opportunity to get a picture message, which this phone can send or receive (as soon as I get around to checking out the manual and playing with it). The only question was, who sent it. There are not many people who know this number, as of yet. Of them, I would not be expecting most to be able to figure out how to send a picture to my cell phone on such short notice after finding out that I had one. Basically, I deduced that there was only one person who would be both motivated to figure out how to send a picture from a phone, and who had my cell phone number. The bonus was that she is also very comely. So, bursting with grinning enthusiasm, I proceeded to figure out how to navigate my phone's menu of options to bring up the picture. What a rotten surprise, and a shock to find this popping up on my phone's display:

My friend Robert had sent the picture, and it was his less than comely mug staring out of my phone at me. Ha ha, now we're even though. I've posted his picture and he's looking like a poofter in it! That will teach him to pull such a prank. Apparently, Don, a jack-of-all-trades and manager of the electronics lab where we work (as well as partner on the secret project) got himself a phone just like mine (it's an LG VX6000) and he and Robert were playing with it. Other than the fact that Robert is making an idiot-face in it, it's not a bad picture, when you consider that it was taken by a device that is primarilly a phone, and not a digital camera.


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