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I'm rather "up" this morning. The weather is great, but a little cool. The sky looks really interesting this morning with the dark gray rain-looking clouds over San Francisco but the sun shining brightly on 880 coming up through Oakland. I had KKSF, the jazz station, going on the radio.

The project I am working on here at work is still locked up in indecision, so I have been attempting to get the release procedure geared up and in order so that I will have something to do and the release will go smoother and faster once it comes time to release the new version of the product.

I spent some time talking to Rob (not Robert) about the documentation. He's got it pretty much as he likes it. We interspersed some of our conversation with talk of Rob's photography. He loves digital photography. He's quite the camera hound and has been shooting for years. He has some fantastic shots of Herb and Amy at their last concert. Damn, it makes me wish I had gone. Monday I've got to ask him if he'd mind if I post a couple in here.

I've got to start getting out. I've got to get this darned fool house in order so that I can have some code time to work on the McGuffin project (the code name for our Robert's and my project) as well as free time to go out. My daughter Jackie tells me that she cannot conceive of me actually "going out" as I was really quite a homebody before Crystal and I separated. She may have a point. Some days it is difficult for me to conceive of it.

To tell the truth, I am somewhat daunted by the prospect. I haven't actually "been out" on my own since college. I have been alone for seven months. I might as well be an agoraphobic for the way I have been living like a hermit. So I tell myself. I'm not really buying my own pep talk though. I just have no idea what to do with myself. I used to do plenty of things; it's just that they are activities that are rather boring or pointless without company, and my idea of company, for years now, has been my immediate family.

Perhaps I should cultivate some interests that bring me into contact with other people. I have no idea where to start. Of course, it doesn't help that I am burning my income as fast as it is incoming. I ran up some bills in the move, and the utilities for both places and the various initialization and start up fees are rather steep right now. Perhaps things will be better once I regain a hand-hold on the budget and get a bunch of stuff paid down. I've got to take care of the bills and budget this weekend. One thing at a time is how to get life in order. Man, being single can suck! There are so many new things to get organized and upon which to get a handle. Fortunately, I see small victories every day, and that has been a continual source of encouragement. Livermore is great, and I love my new house. I've got that going for me.


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