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A 59th Street Bridge Kind of Wednesday

It sure is overcast today in the Bay Area. There is a very light drizzle happening here right now. It's funny, it actually looks as if it's accumulating out there. Ah well, a little rain never hurt anybody. It's actually kind of nice. I wonder if I will need to take my umbrella by the time that lunch rolls around.

We have customers visiting today who are interested in our design criteria and our engineering methodologies. It's like they are expecting a formal procedure or something. *sigh* Reality catches up with management. Uh oh. I've been telling them how the game is supposed to be played for years but they don't listen. Inertia is a problem inherent to larger organizations. Now the boss is scrambling around looking for any kind of documentation at all to convince the customer that we actually plan what we build. Of course, we do, but unfortunately, it's not formalized and our capability maturity model is very very low end, unfortunately. I wonder if this will be a wake-up call.

This is another picture I took with my phone. These may be the same ducks from last week. How much do ducklings grow in a week?

Ducks in Marina Village, Alameda


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