Robert (Bro. Pepper-spray of Reasoned Discussion) (montecristo) wrote,
Robert (Bro. Pepper-spray of Reasoned Discussion)

Okay, the survey meme (stolen from pr1ss)

Okay, I'll play. Here's my two cents:

Abortion?: Morally reprehensible but unprosecutable because the venue (inside someone else's body) is beyond anyone else's jurisdiction. If you have jurisdiction inside somone else's body, you own them, and they exist at your whim -- you can make of them what you will. At the point where society owns the individual, there is no individual and hence, no society.
Death Penalty?: I'm ambivalent. On one hand imperfect justice shouldn't be handing down non-rescindable punishments. On the other hand, where guilt is clear and the crime heinous...
Prostitution?: Morally reprehensible but there is no such thing as consensual crime in a just society.
Alcohol?: Put anything you want into your body, but you are still responsible for all of your behavior and actions, even if you are not sober.
Marijuana?: Put anything you want into your body, but you are still responsible for all of your behavior and actions, even if you are not sober.
Other drugs?: Put anything you want into your body, but you are still responsible for all of your behavior and actions, even if you are not sober. Prescription drugs are just another racket for the politically connected.
Gay marriage?: The state should treat everybody the same. If the government is so eager to dispense "breaks" to people it favors, we need to ask why it takes so much away from people that they need a break in the first place. Marriage should be just another legally binding contract. Anything else is religion and/or a spiritual matter between the people involved.
Illegal immigrants?: Immigration is not a problem when the State does not give out benefits to all comers. Only States have borders. Where there are no States, there are no immigrants. Where all property is private, immigration is a matter of consent.
Smoking?: Not the best habit in the world, but people can consume what they want. "Second hand smoke" is a red-herring pipe dream of Health Nazis. Smoking is allowed whereever the property owner consents to it.
Drunk driving?: Reckless driving should be prosecuted no matter what the cause. If the car is under control then what is in the driver's blood is not at issue.
Cloning?: No different than any other form of conception. Clones would be individuals with rights just as twins are. Anything else is superstition.
Racism?: Just another stupid and immoral form of collectivism, but you get that from stupid people exercising their right to associate freely. Deal with it.
Premarital sex?: Licentiousness is immoral, but whatever goes on between consenting adults is their business.
Religion?: As a philosophy, perhaps they have a few good premises. The supernatural is superstition, but people have a right to believe as they will so long as they do not violate the rights of others.
The war in Iraq?: A fools-errand. The U.S. has Imperial Hubris. The disease is terminal. Deal with it; it's going to get worse before the end.
Bush?: The latest monkey to warm the seat in the Oval Office. He's the symptom, not the disease.
Downloading music?: One of the gray areas of the nebulous intellectual property concept. Laws against it are futilely unenforceable.
The legal drinking age?: The state has no business dictating any minimum age for the ingestion of alcohol.
Porn?: By consenting adults, for consenting adults.
Suicide?: Cowardly and extremely foolish (what are you going to prove?) except under extreme circumstances. You have a right to do away with yourself if you choose.

What is your stand on..... brought to you by BZOINK!

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